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  • Quick Info from Mandy's Howard Stern Appearance...

    February 28, 2001
    Jemod was cool enough to send off a quick email listing some of the interesting info revealed in Mandy's appearance on the Howard Stern show this morning:

    - Yes, the rumors are true, Mandy was an extra on the movie Road Trip. That's where she was "discovered" and asked to audition for Temptation Island.

    - Mandy has turned down $1,500,000 to pose in Playboy. (funny, unless she's holding out for more $$$, Mandy isn't the type that we'd have expected to have a problem with posing in Playboy)

    - Mandy turned down a record deal with Capitol because they wanted to turn her into another Britney Spears. (hey, what's wrong with Britney? instead Mandy has apparently chosen to go with the Christina Aguilera-corn-row-braids-look instead)"

  • Mandy To Appear On Howard Stern Show

    February 26, 2001
    For all you Mandy fans, Jemod was nice enough to pass along that apparently Mandy is scheduled to appear on the Howard Stern Show sometime this week (sorry, that's all the specifics we know). Yikes, Mandy and Howard -- now THERE IS A COUPLE!!!'s hoping the appearance makes the nightly E! television show, or maybe the weekly syndicated show

    UPDATE 2/27: This morning Howard announced that Mandy will be on the Wednesday, 2/28 radio show. He also claimed to be "very anxious to meet her." Thanks again to Jemod for the update.




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