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Jack & Bobby is an American television series that aired on The WB network. It starred Christine Lahti, Logan Lerman, and Matt Long, and featured two brothers, one of whom would become President of the United States, serving from 2041 to 2049. The series was created by Greg Berlanti, Vanessa Taylor, Steven A. Cohen, and Brad Meltzer.

On May 17, 2005, The WB announced it would not renew Jack & Bobby for a second season.

The 22 episode series has also aired on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) network, debuting on September 25, 2006. The series finale was re-aired as part of a Warner Bros. 50th anniversary celebration on the TV Land cable network on June 11, 2005. Following this broadcast, the series has never been rebroadcast on American television.

The show is now available to U.S. viewers on The WB website., and is available for purchase from Amazon and iTunes.




  • Nate Edmonds (Mike Erwin) - Courtney's former boyfriend
  • Randy Bongard (Cam Gigandet) - Missy's on-and-off boyfriend
  • BJ Bongaro (Kyle Gallner) - Bobby's "frenemy"
  • Katie (Kate Mara) - Jack's former girlfriend
  • "'Cheerleader'" (J*Smith) - Missy's Posse
  • Dennis Morgenthal (John Heard)
  • Reverend Belknap (Ed Begley, Jr.) - Missy's father
  • Future Marcus Ride (Ron Canada)
  • Future Courtney McCallister (Brenda Wehle)
  • Dex Truggman (Jeanette Brox) - Bobby's former girlfrend
  • Juan Roberto de Alba (Lou Diamond Philips) - Grace's former lover and the father of Jack and Bobby


  1. "Pilot" (12 September 2004)
  2. "Better Days" (19 September 2004) Emotive hippie professor Grace McCallister continues to make life impossible for everyone. She fights chancellor Peter Benedict for executing administrative staff cuts imposed by board budget choices, meaning Vera Vaughn is also out, and because he refuses to continue the unbroken tradition of the Moonlight address to the student body at midnight before the new college year- he gets her to discuss it at dinner, walks out tired of her constant and ill-considered abuse, but still offers her an alternative: she may hold the address. At home, Grace rages to assembled students to arouse crazy fanaticism her style for the Democratic electoral campaign, till Jack tells everybody to leave realizing she's smoking marijuana in public, again while encouraging the students to join in with her. Now Jack is suspended from the team after taking the blame for Grace's pot which Bobby brought to school in his attempt to be cool. Jack dates chancellor Benedict's daughter Courtney, but misreads her accepting to go bowling with the brothers. Bobby bravely goes own up to principal Farber hoping if he takes the blame for the pot that Jack will get put back on the time. He nearly gets both brothers suspended for at least a whole term; Jack steps in just at time. Jack is so enraged he takes it out on Bobby and tells him to stay out of his life. After finding Grace stoned that evening, Bobby runs away, actually to Courtney, trying in vain to make her reconsider Jack, who guesses and finds him. The shock brings Jack and Grace closer together again, realizing Bobby is too good to stay mad at.
  3. "The Kindness of Strangers" (26 September 2004) Bobby is forcefully admitted to the Challenge program by Grace for the academically gifted, but the 'cool' friends he makes there are vindictive vandals who drag him along into trouble, even wreck the kind janitor's shrine for his son who died in war. Ever-selfish Grace expects Jack to drop everything and mind Bobby for her while she leaves in a hurry for an inter-faculty bonding event, but Jack decides instead to host the team party which he would have missed when it loses its venue, allowing even the water-polo team to join in. The brothers can't enjoy it much, Bobby is mounting guard on door and phone in case Grace checks up, but just when Courtney has distracted Bobby and Missy is talking to Jack Grace phones causing a party animal to answer and tell her it's an open door party; President Benedict stops drunk Grace from returning but has her call the police. Grace finds her own student assistant committed blatant plagiarism, yet changes her disappointed feminist mind on making her loose the scholarship she denied a better qualified man 'for social advancement'. Bobby decides to leave Challenge, telling Grace it never was his idea anyway; only now she listens to the program mentor, who was surprised she pushed to get Bobby in, after showing no interest when Jack was offered a place two years earlier, then finds out he even forged her non-permission to duck it, his pertinent reasons hit her even harder.
  4. "A Man of Faith" (3 October 2004) Hopeless mother Grace not only has a problem with Jack getting back with his dumb blond ex Missy again, she actually objects to Bobby's choice to get back to church. Meanwhile the inconsiderate atheist (Grace) gets embroiled in more disputes concerning religion at college herself.
  5. "The First Lady" (10 October 2004) Eternal social activist Grace decides when Vietnam veteran Jonah Babbage, who since 15 years drifts on the Plains State campus writing obscene Hippie 'poetry', looses his shack to construction of sports accommodation paid for by a major donation, to take him in as 'house guest' till she finds him a permanent home, despite both brothers' strong protest- Jack is furious, Bobby is initially terrified by the dirty, ugly, grumpy nut-case. Meanwhile Bobby and Warren witness goth girl Dex shamelessly using the boys toilet at school as her dirty 'office' where she was giving a little girl a swirly. She scares Bobby and Warren into silence. Still Dex and her gang blames them wrongly when she gets expelled and demands them to kiss each other. Bobby won't do it so she tells them to show up at night 'for a beating'. Something surprising goes down when they meet up later that night... Grace's young friend Tom Wexler Graham's tycoon father Henry 'Huck' Graham obliges her by finding Jonah a spot, so she must accept to attend the party in his honor for the Graham Sports and Recreation Center at the president's new official residence; Jack attends, to Missy's anger. A lonely upset Courtney makes a public spectacle of herself and is sent to her room where she tells Jack she has her mother's crazy suicidal gene. Courtney also kisses Jack unaware that he is back with Missy. At home, Bobby catches Jonah stealing the TV to move to a hotel from the thieving shelter- and covers for him -Jack guesses-. The next day Bobby goes to Ellen "Dex"'s 'boring bourgeois' home, trying to bury the hatchet. He tries to hold a conversation with her but she keeps being rude. Eventually he calls her pretty even though she denies it and she suddenly kisses him.
  6. "An Innocent Man" (17 October 2004) Grace is stunned after Peter informs her that her colleague and good friend has been accused of sexually harassing a student. Grace immediately defends her co-worker but must rethink her loyalty when new evidence arises. Meanwhile, Bobby is spending so much time with his new girlfriend, Dex, that he begins to neglect his schoolwork. Under pressure from Grace to succeed, Bobby cheats on his test. And Jack is still reeling from the guilt of kissing Courtney.
  7. "Valentino" (27 October 2004) Bobby's relationship with Dex continues to grow until Grace walks in on them kissing. After failing to convince Bobby to end his relationship with Dex, Grace and Jack take matters into their own hands. Meanwhile, Peter shows his overprotective side, and though he has Courtney's best interests at heart, he ultimately causes her embarrassment among her peers. Also, the future reveals that President McCallister has trouble with his oldest son and the Secret Service.
  8. "Election Night" (3 November 2004) After his relationship with Dex ends, heartbroken Bobby decides to retaliate against Jack after finding out his brother is responsible for their split. Bobby's actions cause Jack, Missy and Courtney much embarrassment and anger, resulting in a feud between the brothers. Meanwhile, Grace and her teaching assistant, Tom Wexler Graham, sneak away from the campus election night party to smoke marijuana, but the transgression proves to be a terrible mistake for Grace and her family. The future reveals that in 2040, McCallister wins the election by only a few votes.
  9. "Chess Lessons" (10 November 2004) Grace promises to be on her best behavior when she and Jack go to Missy's house for dinner but loses her temper after Missy's father, Reverend Belknap, attacks her ideals. Upset by the event, Grace is comforted by Tom, and the two share a romantic moment. Meanwhile, Bobby intentionally loses chess games to Peter in order to spend more time with him. And Courtney uses Marcus to retaliate against Jack.
  10. "Lost Boys" (17 November 2004) After the suicide of a friend, Jack is haunted by the thought that he should have done more to help. Meanwhile, Grace's warm, intelligent, gay younger brother, Jimmy, makes a surprise visit for Thanksgiving. Grace is thrilled that he has returned, but her feelings change after he lands in jail on drug charges.
  11. "Today I Am a Man" (1 December 2004)
  12. "Running Scared" (26 January 2005)
  13. "A New Frontier" (2 February 2005)
  14. "Into the Woods" (9 February 2005)
  15. "Time Out of Life" (16 February 2005)
  16. "And Justice for All" (23 February 2005)
  17. "Querida Grace" (2 March 2005)
  18. "Friends with Benefits" (13 April 2005)
  19. "A Child of God" (20 April 2005)
  20. "Under the Influence" (27 April 2005)
  21. "Stand by Me" (4 May 2005)
  22. "Legacy" (11 May 2005)

Awards and nominations

Art Directors Guild:

  • 2004: Excellence in Production Design Award - Single-Camera TV Series (for "An Innocent Man", nominated)
Casting Society of America:

  • 2004: Best Casting for Television - Dramatic Pilot (nominated)
GLAAD Media Awards:

  • 2004: Outstanding Individual Episode - Series Without a Regular Gay Character (for "Lost Boys", won)
Golden Globe Awards:

  • 2004: Best Actress - Drama Series (Christine Lahti for playing "Grace McCallister", nominated)
Screen Actors Guild:

  • 2004: Outstanding Actress - Drama Series (Christine Lahti for playing "Grace McCallister", nominated)

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