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Half & Half is an American sitcom that aired on UPN from September 23, 2002, to May 15, 2006. The show focuses on the lives of two paternal half-sisters in their twenties who were estranged throughout their childhood, and are finally developing a close relationship. The series is set in San Francisco.

It was the second-most-watched show on UPN's Monday night line-up (next to Girlfriends) and fourth overall on the network. The show was on The CW's first draft line-up in March 2006, but due to several circumstances"?including The CW's contractual obligation to pick up Reba, the uncancelling of All of Us, and the pick-up of the Girlfriends spin-off The Game"?Half & Half was left off the final Fall 2006 schedule and ended production. The series has aired in reruns on Global TV in Canada, Trouble in the UK and in local syndication in the United States. It also airs in the United States on TV One.


Main cast

  • Rachel True as Monique Alexandra "Mona" Rose Thorne. The elder of the two sisters and daughter of Phyllis Thorne. Mona's father, Charles Thorne, left the two of them after a year of separation sometime during her childhood, and married Big Deedee, producing little Deedee in the process. There are a few flashbacks shown in the series showing the two together as children, Mona mostly displaying bitterness and jealousy toward her sister, as seen in one flashback where, while pushing Deedee in a swing, she gives it some extra power and throws the smaller girl over and out of the swing. Phyllis managed to convince Mona that her father had left her in an often recited story in the first four episodes including how Charles was charmed by flight attendant Big Deedee and left Phyllis then and there, becoming the basis of Mona's bitterness toward the Deedees and her father. Mona has since come to love her little half-sister dearly, and assumed her role as "big sister". Mona has a typical mother-daughter relationship with Phyllis, often annoyed when she butts into her love life or her apartment unannounced, and copying her mother and her half-crazed ideas, though she knows her mother only ever means well and loves her very much. Mona's relationship with her father is a bit strained at the beginning but later looses some of the tense energy, and she loves him as well. There wasn't much of a relationship between Mona and Big Deedee toward the beginning, though what little there was friendly, but later, as Mona becomes more and more a part of her daughters life, Big Deedee becomes much more welcoming and close to Mona, sometimes offering advice as a mother might. Mona is at the constant beck and call of her boss Kai, and is for the most part resentful of it, but fears angering her enough to never show it outright. Mona and Spencer have a very close relationship and have come very close to going steady a few times throughout the series, but always manage to stay friends either after the fact.
  • Essence Atkins as Deirdre Chantal "Dee Dee" Thorne, Esq. The younger of the two sisters and daughter of Big Deedee LaFontaine Thorne. She was the product of father Charles' second marriage and the spoiled baby. She grew to be the more self-centered, materialistic, fashion savvy, typical rich-girl like her mother, but slowly matures to more of well rounded individual under Mona's influence. Deedee was not fully aware of her sisters spite toward her as a child, but was given ample clues, and continues with this naivete till the first episode of the show when Mona is upfront about it. Just as with Mona, her mother can often be seen in Deedee's apartment above Mona's. She knows her father loves her and loves him as any daddy's girl would. She can often get what she wants from him in typical baby-girl fashion as can her mother. She is very much like Big Deedee in various other ways as well and they love each other. Deedee shares a similar relationship with Phyllis as Mona does with Big Deedee, and can be seen in later episodes having serious talks with each other, often the mother giving advice to Deedee. Deedee has many dates and boyfriends throughout the series, sometimes to the consternation of her sister, and can be naive and headstrong about what she wants which can get her either ahead, in trouble, or nowhere at all. She becomes a lawyer after graduating top of her college class prior to the series, even once getting hired by a sports firm, later dating a superior with whom she originally had a contentious relationship.
  • Telma Hopkins as Phyllis Thorne, Mona's mother. She is a loving and caring, if not a bit over-bearing, crazy and paranoid at times, mother to Mona. Being a psychiatrist, she loves to get involved in her daughters life and often advises her, whether her daughter wants the advice or not, about anything and everything she can: men, her sister, her father, her job, her friends, and any other problem that may arise in the plot. When Mona doesn't listen she is always there, often saying "What did I tell you? I'll tell you what I told you. I told you...", chastising her daughter or anyone who didn't listen to her for that matter. Later in the series she becomes closer with Deedee as well, adopting a sort of close aunt relationship with the younger woman. Phyllis was not happy about her husband's new wife and is almost constantly at odds with Big Deedee, whom she can be cited as the creator of the nickname. She even made up an elaborate and constantly told lie about how Big Deedee came "walking down the [airplane] aisle pushing her little cart and she gave [Charles] a wink and an extra bag of peanuts," and Charles was "off to the bathroom, and lets just say the friendly skies have never been so...friendly." At the beginning they were perpetually at each other's throats, and though throughout the series the rage simmers down, they still toss each other casual insults when they meet. They have, though, been seen to display friendship with one another, as seen on one occasion where they get together and happily sing a duet for their daughters though they were arguing as usual not long before and long after that. Phyllis is on amicable grounds with Spencer and the two may occasionally have a conversation without Mona.
  • Valarie Pettiford as Deirdre "Big Dee Dee" LaFontaine Thorne, Dee Dee's mother. She is the fashionista pinnacle of the show, and always like to look good. She has the typical mannerisms of a rich, socialite woman, dropping names, carrying a small dog around in a bag and spoiling it, being controlling, wearing very expensive clothes and being a bit of a drama queen. She sometimes acts as a superficial mother/friend figure to Deedee, but knows how and when to be a true mother to her daughter. She can get almost anything she wants out of her husband. She holds this fact and many others over Phyliss' head with joy and pride. She and Phyllis never make it to completely friendly grounds within the series, though they come very close at times. Though she is hardly close with Phyllis, Big Deedee can be very warm and even motherly toward Mona, at times offering to give her things or invite her to events, as well as having few serious conversation with her arch-nemesis' daughter.
  • Chico Benymon as Spencer Williams, Mona's best friend and co-worker. He and Mona later in the series have an on-and-off relationship but are still good friends always.
  • Alec Mapa as Adam Benet, Mona's openly gay assistant (who at times comes on to Spencer). He is also very nosy and gossipy.

Recurring characters

  • MC Lyte as Kai Owens, Mona's boss
  • Obba Babatund as Charles Thorne, Mona and Dee Dee's father; ex-husband of Phyllis and current husband of Big Dee Dee
  • Joey Lawrence as Brett Mahoney
  • Coby Bell as Firefighter Glen
  • Keith Robinson as Neil Crawford
  • Michelle Williams as Naomi Dawson
  • Penny Bae Bridges as Young Mona
  • Gabby Soleil as Young Dee Dee
  • Yvette Nicole Brown as Ceci
  • Louis Gossett, Jr. as Ray Willis, Spencer's father
  • Suzy Nakamura as Tina


The plot of the show mainly centers around the lives of the two half sisters, Mona and Deedee, and their growing relationship. Mona, the eldest, is at first resentful of Deedee, whom their father now spent more time with. Mona, on the other hand was left to live with just her mother and thus became to more level headed of the two. Deedee was the second born and was spoiled unconditionally. She grew to be the more fashionable, up-scale, materialistic of the two, and sometimes also a bit dim-witted. The two sisters, throughout the series, begin to grow on each other and learn the feelings each has harbored for the other since childhood, get over them, and deal with the here and now issues including dating men, dealing with co-workers and bosses, and dealing with each other as people. They learn to love each other dearly and quickly take on the roles that would have been theirs had they spent more time together- Mona acting as the big sister often trying to protect Deedee from one thing or another, and Deedee looking up to Mona and asking for advice, as well as acting as each other's confidant and mutual sibling annoyance.

Nielsen ratings

Season Episodes Premiere Season finale Viewers
(in millions)
1 2002"2003 23 September 30, 2002 May 12, 2003 3.63 #138
2 2003"2004 24 September 19, 2003 May 17, 2004 3.48 #174
3 2004"2005 22 September 20, 2004 May 23, 2005 3.37 #135
4 2005"2006 22 September 19, 2005 May 15, 2006 3.29 #136


Season 1

1 The Big Pilot Episode: Mona, a self-reliant record executive, is set to move into the penthouse apartment that her father has always promised her. But her plans of getting settled in her new apartment soon come to an end when she learns that her spoiled half sister, Dee Dee, and Dee Dee's overbearing mother also lay claim to the apartment. The sisters' relationship is further strained when Dee Dee inadvertently attracts a man whom Mona was pining for. (9/23/02)

2 The Big Forget-Me-Not Episode: When Dee Dee befriends Spencer, Mona becomes concerned that her sister is stealing her best friend. Meanwhile, Mona leads Dee Dee and Spencer into believing she is still dating Brian the exterminator even though he hasn't called her after their very hot date. (9/30/02)

3 The Big Crappy Birthday Episode: Dee Dee attempts to get closer to Mona by planning a joint birthday party, reminding Mona of bad memories from their childhood. Meanwhile, Dee Dee unwittingly reveals that Phyllis lied to Mona about things that have shaped her world view since she was young; and, as a birthday gift, Phyllis finally tells Mona the truth. (10/07/02)

4 The Big Pimpin' Episode: Mona's music-video shoot for a rapper may end in disaster when he refuses to leave the dressing room"?until he meets Dee Dee. While Mona is pleased with the rapper's newfound enthusiasm for the shoot, she soon begins to worry that he's using Dee Dee. This episode marks the final television appearance of Merlin Santana who was killed 4 weeks after its initial airing. (10/14/2002)

5 The Big Dose of Reality Episode: In an attempt to win Mona's respect and stop living off her father's largesse, Dee Dee takes a job as a waitress. Meanwhile, Phyllis persuades Mona to give a video-dating service a try. (10/21/02)

6 The Big Award Episode: Dee Dee persuades Mona to attend a banquet that's being held in honor of their father, but the experience reminds Mona that she's the odd one out within her dad's "new" family. (10/28/02)

7 The Big Sistah Sans Soul Episode: While at a club with Spencer, Mona meets the hunky Miles. They hit it off, but their budding romance quickly trips up over matters of taste: For one, she enjoys Dawson's Creek, while he prefers BET. After a night on the dance floor, where Mona displays her lack of rhythm, Miles breaks up with her for not being "black enough." In an attempt to win him back, Mona remakes herself into what Dee Dee calls "a Nubian disco queen." (11/04/02)

8 The Big Ex-expectations Episode: Dee Dee is smitten with her new beau, but the romance sours when she learns that he and Mona dated in high school. Although Mona gives her blessing to the union, she soon changes her mind. (11/11/02)

9 The Big in with the crowd Episode: Dee Dee invites Mona to a "girls' night" with her friends, but Mona instantly feels out of place amidst the ritzy women. When Dee Dee gives Mona an expensive purse, Mona deduces that her half-sister is trying to make her over. Meanwhile, Spencer is attracted to one of Dee Dee's friends. (11/18/02)

10 The Big Thanks For Forgiving Episode: Mona and Phyllis attend Thanksgiving dinner at Big Dee Dee's, where Mona's grandmother is the guest of honor. But Dee Dee becomes jealous when she learns the older woman showers Mona with affection. Meanwhile, Phyllis and Big Dee Dee make a deal; and Spencer blurts out one of Mona's secrets to her mother.(11/25/02)

11 The Big Upsetting Set-Up Episode: When Mona and Dee Dee set Spencer up on blind date with a woman they met from the gym, Spencer falls for her hard and fast. But when Mona finds out the girl is only using Spencer to get back at her ex, she tries to warn him"?only he thinks Mona is jealous. (12/16/02)

12 The Big Hit It & Quit It Episode: When Dee Dee becomes frustrated with Neil because he does not seem interested in getting intimate, he divulges that he is celibate. Meanwhile, Mona is under pressure at work and takes up smoking again, but she is too embarrassed to admit it and tries to hide it from her family. (1/20/03)

13 The Big Condom-nation Episode: Spencer thinks that he has gotten a girl pregnant and Dee Dee and Mona force him to get an AIDS test. (2/03/03)

14 The Big Game Of Love Episode: Mona fears a lonely Valentine's Day, but her tears may be for naught when two men from her (recent) past both ask her on dates. Also, Dee Dee is miffed that Neil would choose work over her. Meanwhile, Big Dee Dee is angry with her husband, who also chooses work over her. (2/10/03)

15 The Big Phat Mouth Episode (1): When Mona mistakes a dinner date with a handsome reporter as a personal affair, she unwittingly gets quoted in a music magazine saying disparaging things about one of her music label's artists that ends up getting her fired. Meanwhile, Dee Dee utilizes her law school knowledge to try to get the story retracted. (2/17/03)

16 The Big Phat Mouth Episode (2): While Mona struggles to find work after poisoning her reputation in the record industry, the reporter whose article got her fired tries to make amends and sets up a meeting for Mona to plead her case to Big Phat Slim Jim, the artist she disparaged, in hopes of getting her old job back. Meanwhile, Mona's family and friends offer their encouragement and support in their own special ways during her difficult job search. (2/18/03)

17 The Big Mixed Up Mojo Episode: In a strange reversal of fortunes, Dee Dee's charmed life seems to hit an unlucky streak at every turn while, ironically, the usually pessimistic Mona's life becomes auspicious from one moment to the next. When Dee Dee starts doubting herself after failing her assigned mock-court competition at school, with Mona's help she manages to regain her waning confidence by confronting a crooked businessman. (3/17/03)

18 The Big Sexy Shame Episode: Mona dates a hunk whose looks almost compensate for his lack of brains. As a result, she tries to hide him from her friends and family, but the effort is for naught when they're invited to her father's dinner party for a U.S. senator. (3/24/03)

19 The Big Falling For It Episode: Mona drags Dee Dee to a self-defense class, where she accidentally hurts her little sister while practicing a back flip. Overwhelmed with guilt, she waits on Dee Dee hand and foot, unaware that Dee Dee's milking the injury. (4/21/03)

20 The Big I Have A Dream Episode: Mona becomes antsy about her friendship with Spencer after she has a romantic dream about him. Meanwhile, Dee Dee---who thinks the dream was about a woman---introduces Mona to a lesbian friend of hers. (4/21/03)

21 The Big Much I Do About Nothing Episode: When Mona has Spencer masquerade as her beau at a friend's wedding, Spencer realizes that he has romantic feelings for her, and has had them since college. Meanwhile, Dee Dee dumps her boyfriend when she learns he has matrimony on the mind. (4/28/03)

22 The Big Mother's of a Mother's Day Episode: For Mother's Day weekend, Big Dee Dee and Dee Dee vacation at an exclusive spa. Not to be outdone, Phyllis and Mona do the same, and end up in the room next door. The weekend quickly goes from weird to worse when Dee Dee blurts out that she wishes her mom was more like Phyllis. (5/5/03)

23 The Big Bad Neighbor Episode: The gals' already tenuous friendship spirals toward dissolution when Dee Dee celebrates the end of her school year by hosting a raucous celebration that keeps Mona awake all night. Things get worse when Dee Dee installs a hot tub, which floods Mona's apartment. Stepping in to mediate, their father, Charles, reminds them that "like it or not, we're family." But the squabbling continues, until a medical emergency involving their dad arises. (5/12/03)

Season 2

24 The Big Mis-Conception Episode (1) Dee Dee and Big Dee Dee plan a "surprise" party for Charles and Big Dee Dee's 24th wedding anniversary. While putting together a slide show, Dee Dee discovers that there are very few photographs of Mona with their father. She feels sorry for her sister and makes several attempts to cheer her up (first creating fake photos of the two, then trying to set up a lunch date for Mona and Charles), but only angers her further. Mona explains that she had accepted the fact that she and her father didn't have the closest relationship, but Dee Dee is inadvertently opening the wounds. Phyllis produces evidence that proves Charles wasn't quite as distant as it seems. Spencer develops an attraction to Camille, a photographer working with Delicious Records artists. Adam constantly tries to alert Mona about Spencer's feelings for her. He finally tells her the truth, but they discover that Spencer is involved with Camille. Meanwhile, Dee Dee becomes annoyed when her "summer fling" starts to get a little too attached to her. She soon discovers that the fling may have serious consequences. (9/15/03)

25 The Big Mis-Conception Episode (2) Dee Dee takes a pregnancy test, although Mona feels that she might be overreacting (her period is only a day late). Before Dee Dee can check the results, her mother bursts and demands to use the bathroom. Big Dee Dee also takes a pregnancy test, which turns out to be positive. She is startled, but she and Charles quickly accept the news. Big Dee Dee gets to rub her pregnancy in the face of Phyllis, who had believed Big Dee Dee was going through menopause. Mona is upset to realize that Spencer has been seeing Camille for some time, but hadn't confided in her. He claims that he wanted to keep quiet until he knew the relationship could last. Phyllis chastises Mona for letting "her" man get away, while Adam refuses to believe that Spencer is over Mona. He insists that he is happy with Camille, adding that Mona would never want him anyway. Mona patches things up with Spencer and says that she is very happy for him. (9/22/03)

26 The Big Keep Your Eyes off My Prize Episode Aspiring politician Ron Brown shows up at Mona's door in search of votes, and takes a liking to her. Phyllis quickly pushes him to ask her out, and they agree to a date. Mona then learns that Big Dee Dee recently arranged a date for Dee Dee and Ron, who have been friends since childhood. The sisters are unsure about dating the same man, but their mothers insist that it will be all right (as it is unlikely that both will be compatible with Ron). Phyllis and Big Dee Dee treat the whole thing as a personal competition. Mona and Dee Dee like Ron, but decide that he isn't worth the potential damage to their relationship. They agree to do the "mature" thing and stop dating Ron, but each keeps seeing him behind the other's back. (9/29/03)

27 The Big Birth-Quake Episode Mona tells her friends and family that she doesn't want to celebrate her birthday, as she would rather spend the day alone in quiet reflection. However, she soon becomes extremely bored. She is relieved when Big Dee Dee shows up, although she has actually forgotten Mona's birthday and is just there to see Dee Dee. The two go down to the laundry room in pursuit of Big Dee Dee's dog, and wind up trapped when an earthquake hits. They share a picnic lunch and have a revealing talk about their relationship. Meanwhile, Phyllis tracks down Charles to try to convince him to help buy a car for Mona's birthday, and they wind up stuck in an elevator. The earthquake also traps Dee Dee, Adam and Spencer in an upscale store as they shop for Mona's gift. Everyone is embarrassed when Spencer has a panic attack after the earthquake. (10/06/03)

28 The Big Big No-Substitutions Please After Dee Dee loses her old room to the baby and Big Dee Dee misses several appointments, Dee Dee begins to worry that the baby is forcing her out of her parents' life. She suffers from so much stress that she has a breakdown and hears a doll talking to her. Mona recommends that she make an appointment with Phyllis to discuss her problem. She says that she feels as though she is the only one who is worried about the way the baby will change her life. Phyllis assures her that her reaction is perfectly natural and that she should air her concerns with Big Dee Dee. Before she gets around to it, Big Dee Dee admits to her own anxieties about the child's birth, and thanks Dee Dee for her support. The conversation reassures Dee Dee about her importance in her mother's life. Meanwhile, Spencer continually cancels on Mona because of plans with Camille. She looks to Adam to take his place, but Adam isn't too thrilled about this. (10/13/03)

29 The Big Butting In Episode Hoping to prove herself to her father, Dee Dee goes against his wishes and tries to personally handle a tenant who has failed to pay rent for the last few months. She must come up with a new plan of attack after the man retaliates by threatening to expose several building code violations involving Dee Dee's apartment. Meanwhile, Mona reluctantly takes her mother out on the town. She feels crowded when Phyllis begins showing up regularly at her hangout and playing matchmaker for the patrons. (10/20/03)

30 The Big Foot In My Mouth Episode After another failed relationship, Mona decides to focus on her career for a while. She is determined to help Zora, a promising young singer, secure a contract with the record company. Zora mistakes Mona's efforts to boost her confidence for romantic interest and develops feelings for her. She confesses her crush to Adam, who keeps the news to himself so that he can watch the sparks fly. Mona struggles to come up with a way to handle the situation without hurting Zora's feelings. Meanwhile, Dee Dee dates a man who pays way too much attention to her feet. (11/03/03)

31 The Big Forbidden Fruit Episode Phyllis announces that she has been seeing someone for the past month. She reluctantly agrees to bring her boyfriend, Earl, to the apartment to meet the girls. Earl is handsome, sweet and romantic, and leaves everyone (including Big Dee Dee) sufficiently impressed. Dee Dee sees Earl at a restaurant with another woman, and learns that it is his wife. Mona and Dee Dee try to break the news to Phyllis, and are stunned to discover that she already knew that Earl is married. She believes that he is separated and about to get a divorce. Mona and Dee Dee try to convince her to stop seeing him. Meanwhile, Spencer discovers that being attached has suddenly made him virtually irresistible to other women. (11/10/03)

32 The Big College Admission Episode Spencer's cousin Chauncey begins working in the mailroom at the record company and blabbing everyone's secrets. He recalls the time in college that he walked in on Spencer and Mona apparently in the midst of a drunken tryst, creating friction between Spencer and Camille. The story prompts Mona to confront her feelings for Spencer, as she wonders if the reason she has been so jealous of his girlfriends is because she wants him for herself. Meanwhile, Dee Dee creates a mold of her mother's pregnant belly"?which Big Dee Dee hates. (11/17/03)

33 The Big Bitter Shower Episode Dee Dee's cousin Barbara comes to town for Big Dee Dee's baby shower, and stays with Mona because there is no room at Dee Dee's place. Mona is furious to learn from Barbara that Dee Dee shared things that Mona had told her in confidence about the effect her mother's bitterness has had on her feelings about marriage. Mona gives Dee Dee the silent treatment, but later has a talk with Phyllis about her fears. Big Dee Dee dreads the shower because she knows the guests will insist on touching her belly. Meanwhile, Spencer gets a makeover from Adam and some friends in the hopes of impressing Camille's social crowd. (11/24/03)

34 The Big How the Ex Stole Christmas Episode Dee Dee invites everyone over to her parents' house for Christmas. The Bay Area experiences a heatwave, which leads to a brownout that nearly ruins dinner. Spencer angrily declines Mona's invitation, as the holiday brings up many issues about his absent father. Mona later offers to help Spencer track down his father. Phyllis brings her new boyfriend, a Santa Claus she met at the children's hospital, but both she and Charles object when the man refuses to keep his hands off of her. Neil calls Dee Dee and asks to come over and speak with her. She believes that he wants her back, and is stunned when he instead announces plans to marry. She tries to use the heat to her advantage in an attempt to win back Neil, while Mona urges her to just move on. (12/15/03)

35 The Big Double Date With My Mate Camille sets up Mona on a date with her best friend, the handsome and engaging Carlo, whom she hasn't seen for many years. Mona is thrilled when she and Carlo hit it off, and believes he might be a long-term boyfriend prospect. However, Carlo is actually in love with Camille and wants to pursue a relationship with her. Meanwhile, Dee Dee and Big Dee Dee are desperate to find out the sex of the baby, while Charles insists that they should wait until the birth. The women try to go behind his back to the doctor. (1/12/04)

36 The Big You're Not The Boss of Me Episode Delicious Records is bought out; and a new boss, respected music business veteran Kai Owens, takes over the company. She is bringing many of her own associates along, so she begins conducting interviews to see which employees will get to keep their jobs. Adam, exhilarated by all of the drama, giddily celebrates each new firing by banging a gong. Mona fears that she will be the next to go because she is terrible in interviews. Despite Dee Dee's advice, she blows the interview. However, Kai respects her work so much that she promotes her to a Vice President position. This makes her Spencer's boss, and he has trouble adjusting to the situation, ignoring her orders and talking back to her. Mona worries that they will not be able to maintain their friendship. Meanwhile, Dee Dee pleads with her mother to let her make a connection with her unborn brother in some way. Big Dee Dee offers to let her name the baby. (2/09/04)

37 The Big Love Is Here and Now You're Gone Episode Camille returns from a vacation in London and behaves coldly toward Spencer. She finally admits that she is desperately homesick and has decided to move back to England. (2/16/04)

38 The Big I Haven't the Vegas Idea Episode Mona tries to find time alone with Nick, but her mother and Dee Dee can't seem to get the message. Dee Dee's longtime friend Aurora comes for a visit. (2/23/04)

39 The Big Labor of Love Episode The Thornes' plans for a well-orchestrated C-section go by the wayside when Big Dee Dee goes into labor three weeks earlier than expected. A panicked Dee Dee turns to Mona for help. (3/01/04)

40 The Big Typecast Episode Dee Dee organizes a singles mixer at a local club. She bristles at Mona's claim that she only dates a certain type of man (well-groomed and upwardly mobile), and tries to prove her wrong by picking up a tough guy named Keno. (3/29/04)

41 The Big Good Help Is Hard to Find Episode Kai orders Mona to exercise some of her new power as a vice president by firing Adam.(3/29/04)

42 The Big Practice What You Preach Episode With Drew's christening approaching, Mona and Dee Dee vie for the right to be their brother's godmother. They grow increasingly competitive as they buy him gifts and try to impress Charles and Big Dee Dee. (4/12/04)

43 The Big Employee Benefits Episode Dee Dee vies with her law school rival, Stephanie Seymour, for a summer internship. (4/26/04)

44 The Big Mother of Mother's Day Rides Again Episode Big Dee Dee, Phyllis, Mona and Dee Dee make plans to spend Mother's Day together at a brunch/concert. Mona is surprised to learn that Dee Dee plans to get Phyllis a present. She scrambles to find something appropriate for Big Dee Dee. (5/03/04)

45 The Big Fetish What You Started Episode Dee Dee runs into Clay, her ex-boyfriend with the foot fetish. He tells her that he has gotten treatment for his problem, and asks to start seeing her again. Dee Dee is not interested, but Mona and Big Dee Dee convince her that he is a good guy who deserves another chance. (5/10/04)

46 The Big Rules of Engagement Episode Nick tells Mona that his parents are coming to town for the weekend, and that he would like her to meet them. Mona is very nervous, as she has never met the parents of any of her boyfriends. (5/17/04)

47 The Big Lover, My Brother Episode Dee Dee assigns herself the task of personally helping Mona get over her break-up with Nick. (5/17/04)

Season 3

48 The Big My Little Pony Episode: Mona returns from a Hawaiian vacation and clears the air with Spencer. They reaffirm their decision to just be friends. (9/20/04)

49 The Big Birth-Date Episode: Mona and Dee Dee agree to get each other dates as a birthday present. Dee Dee does some thorough research and finds Mona a seemingly perfect guy, James, and the two get along well enough to set up a second date. (9/27/04)

50 The Big Advice to Put It on Ice Episode: Mona pretends that Drew is her son in the hopes of winning over an artist that she is trying to sign who is a single mother. (10/04/04)

51 The Big One Wedding and a Funeral Episode: Mona and Dee Dee attend Neil's wedding, where their conversation with the already-nervous bride in the bathroom leads her to call off the wedding. Mona believes they should stay out of the situation to avoid causing further harm; but Dee Dee insists on taking in the devastated Neil when he shows up on her doorstep. Spencer regrets giving an overly generous tip to the stripper at Neil's bachelor party, and tries to get the woman to return it. Meanwhile, Big Dee Dee fears that she and Phyllis may actually have things in common after they run into each other at a funeral and discover that they both dated the deceased. (10/11/04)

52 The Big Don't Leave Me This Way Episode: Mona must work long hours as she prepares a major presentation for Kai about her talent search idea. She begins to lose touch with her family and friends, as she misses out on Dee Dee's weekly parties and is unaware of major news like Spencer getting a new girlfriend and Phyllis and Ray deciding to live together. Mona makes an effort to better balance her personal and professional lives, with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Adam, upset that being gay is now the main thing, decides that he is going to be straight. (10/18/04)

53 The Big Not So Loyal Family Episode: Dee Dee is furious to discover that Mona has become friends with Dee Dee's rival, Stephanie Seymour, after meeting her through a work event. Dee Dee insists that Mona should dislike the same people that she does because it is her duty as a sister. Mona tricks the duo into having tea with her in the hopes of getting them to make peace, but things do not exactly go the way she had planned. Meanwhile, a rejected applicant for the talent search refuses to take no for an answer. (10/25/04)

54 The Big Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls Episode: Kai reluctantly agrees to give a shot to Spencer's friend RJ Jackson, a talented and successful singer with a reputation for partying. Spencer has difficulty reining in RJ, and must resort to desperate measures to get a track recorded before the deadline. Meanwhile, Big Dee Dee decides to return to the stage after helping Adam prepare for an acting showcase. (11/08/04)

55 The Big My Life & Kids Episode: Dee Dee makes a date with her favorite author after meeting him at a book signing. All appears to be going well, but Dee Dee reconsiders the relationship after learning that Carter has full custody of his two young daughters. Meanwhile, Phyllis begins snapping at everyone and seeks refuge at Mona's apartment after disagreeing with Ray's decision to take on another shift at the radio station. (11/15/04)

56 The Big Thanks For Nothing Episode: After Ray says that he cannot make the Thornes' Thanksgiving dinner due to work commitments, Spencer invites his mother (who is unaware of his reunion with Ray) to fly in for the holiday. However, Ray arrives at the gathering unexpectedly. Spencer's mother constantly argues with Ray and lashes out at Spencer for keeping secrets from her. Phyllis and Ray decide to break up because he still has some lingering feelings for his ex. Meanwhile, Dee Dee pushes Mona to be more honest with their father about her frustration over his limited involvement in her life. (11/22/04)

57 The Big Parent Trap Episode: After hiding the relationship for a month, Dee Dee reluctantly introduces Carter to her parents. They are surprisingly supportive. However, Big Dee Dee immediately goes to Mona and pleads with her to try to sabotage the relationship, as she and Charles believe that Carter is completely wrong for Dee Dee. Dee Dee is furious, and winds up surprised by Carter's reaction to the situation. Meanwhile, Kai provides Mona and Spencer with an assistant, who livens up the office but doesn't seem to do any actual work. (11/29/04)

58 The Big Home Is Where The Car Is Episode: Mona fears that her new man is too good to be true, so she searches for his hidden major flaw. Dee Dee accuses her of being paranoid, but soon discovers that Mona has reason to be wary, as Roland is living out of his car. Big Dee Dee considers having her breasts enlarged, but winds up receiving comfort from Phyllis as she faces a potential health crisis. A bored and desperate Dee Dee puts on a show for an apparent peeping tom in the building across the street from her apartment. (1/10/05)

59 The Big All Bets Are Off Episode: After Dee Dee bests her at an online word game, Mona grows frustrated by the fact that she always loses to her sister. She becomes determined to beat her at something, and sees her opportunity when Dee Dee organizes a poker party for one of her law school professors. Their mothers decide to crash the event, where Phyllis winds up winning Big Dee Dee's wedding ring in the pot. Meanwhile, Adam tries to get access to a copy of Spencer's personal music playlist. (1/31/05)

60 The Big Credit Check Episode: Mona becomes upset when Kai repeatedly refuses to give her credit for the Fast Track contest in interviews. Mona, at her family's urging, tries to seize some of the credit for herself, with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Big Dee Dee gets in touch with her agent so that she can resume her acting career. She winds up playing second fiddle to Coco in a dog food commercial. (2/07/05)

61 The Big Performance Anxiety Episode: After Dee Dee learns that her mother's co-star in a new play is engaged to Dee Dee's idol, esteemed attorney Maxine Shaw, Dee Dee sees an opportunity to atone for a bad interview she once had with the woman. However, Dee Dee believes she has lost her chance after Big Dee Dee (who had to finance the play to ensure she could star in it) gets Max's beau fired because she fears he will take attention away from her. Meanwhile, Mona must find a way to rein in her co-workers after Kai is delayed and leaves her in charge of a company retreat at a resort. (2/14/05)

62 The Big Fast Track (1) Episode: Mona panics when a screw-up by Spencer may cost Delicious a chance to have mega-successful producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis help judge a showcase with the talent search finalists. Meanwhile, Dee Dee tries to prove to Mona that she can get by without their father's assistance after she gets downsized from her new job before her first day. (2/21/05)

63 The Big Fast Track (2) Episode: Mona grows very nervous about her role in selecting the Fast Track winner, especially after Kai decides to step aside and leave the decision about whom Delicious will sign to Mona. Dee Dee urges Mona to have confidence in her abilities. After a workshop, studio session and live showcase, Mona, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis select the winning act. (2/28/05)

64 The Big Undercover Lover Episode: Mona tries to comfort Dee Dee after Carter appears on a talk show and says that he is seeing someone. When she later discovers that Dee Dee and Carter have secretly reunited, an angry Mona declares that she will not help Dee Dee pick up the pieces after the new "casual" relationship fails. Meanwhile, Spencer tries to get into photography in the hopes of getting rich; and Dee Dee and Big Dee Dee face a crisis involving their hair stylist. (3/28/05)

65 The Big Doormat No More Episode: After Mona complains about being bombarded with demos and Spencer's refusal to pay back his debts, Dee Dee encourages her to become more assertive and not let people take advantage of her. Mona follows her advice and re-possesses Spencer's new jacket and shoes. However, Dee Dee's words come back to haunt her when her sister refuses to listen to a demo by Dee Dee's handsome and influential new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Phyllis enjoys being pampered at an expensive shoe store after a salesgirl mistakes her for Big Dee Dee. (4/25/05)

66 The Big Who's Wooing Who Episode: Mona entertains overtures from the head of a rival record company, who hopes to hire her away from Delicious. She seeks her father's advice on how to handle the situation, leading to resentment from Phyllis. Meanwhile, Big Dee Dee plans a lavish 15-month "birthday" party for Drew in the hopes of showing up her friends. (5/02/05)

67 The Big Mothers for Others Episode: Phyllis recruits Mona, Spencer and Adam to help out with a telethon on Mother's Day. Big Dee Dee and Dee Dee also decide to participate. Phyllis grows so frustrated with Big Dee Dee's interference at a pre-telethon meeting that she blurts out that Big Dee Dee was pregnant before she got married. Dee Dee is shocked and hurt by the fact that this was kept a secret from her, while Mona gives Phyllis the silent treatment because she is fed up with her bluntness and inability to keep her mouth shut. (5/09/05)

68 The Big Thorne in My Side Episode: In the hopes of getting closer to Phyllis, Dee Dee sets her up with her bitter divorced professor. However, the relationship soon fizzles, and the professor seeks revenge against Phyllis by turning her in for having too many cats. Phyllis blames Dee Dee, whose efforts to correct the situation only wind up making it worse.(5/16/05)

69 The Big Pomp & Circumstance Episode: Dee Dee has difficulty preparing her law school valedictory speech because she is uneasy about the fact that she doesn't have a post-graduation job lined up. Big Dee Dee worsens the situation when she suggests that she give up on her career and just look for a man, then tricks her into going on a blind date. Meanwhile, Mona tries desperately to prevent her mother from moving into her neighborhood. (5/23/05)

Season 4

70 The Big Gen: Why Me? Episode Dee Dee has difficulty finding a job after graduation. After she announces plans to return to school, her fed-up father not only cuts her off, but orders her to pay back all expenses accrued since her 21st birthday. Mona begins dating her handsome and charming new neighbor, Lorenzo, but her insecurities stand in the way of the relationship. Spencer changes his wardrobe in the hopes of getting people to take him more seriously. (9/19/05)

71 The Big Dollars & Sense Episode Mona refuses to go along with Spencer's desire to sign a talentless but popular heiress to Delicious. He infuriates her by finding a way to pitch his proposal without her approval. Meanwhile, Big Dee Dee is jealous when Phyllis teaches Dee Dee a series of money-saving tips to help her adjust to her new financial standing. (9/26/05)

72 The Big Frozen Assets Episode Mona decides to embrace her birthday for a change and throw a party honoring Dee Dee and her. However, the event is spoiled by Phylllis's gift to Mona: a certificate to have her eggs frozen at a fertility clinic. Meanwhile, Dee Dee receives a great job offer with a law firm, but decides to pass because her instincts tell her something else will come along. Her friendship with an NBA star soon leads to a new opportunity for a career. (10/03/05)

73 The Big Training Day Episode Dee Dee begins work as a sports agent, but clashes with a cocky co-worker. They are both upset when their boss forces them to work together to bring in a hot football player. Meanwhile, Adam recommends that Mona and Spencer follow his lead by signing up for an online dating service. They decide to write each other's profiles after having difficulty completing them on their own. (10/10/05)

74 The Big Young & The Restless Episode After Dee Dee starts a grease fire in her apartment, a handsome fireman rescues one of Phyllis's cats from the building. Phyllis eagerly tries to set him up with Mona, but the man winds up being attracted to Phyllis. Meanwhile, Adam falls into a funk over his friends' successes, especially after learning that Spencer has purchased his own home. Spencer tries to cheer Adam and convince him to set some goals for himself. (10/17/05)

75 The Big Off Pitch Episode Dee Dee and Brett run into problems with their client, a talented pitcher who won't sign his new contract because he wants to devote more time to his musical aspirations. Dee Dee asks Mona to listen to the man sing and dash his dreams of music stardom; but Delicious winds up wanting to sign him, leading to a rift between the sisters. Meanwhile, Big Dee Dee must break some bad news to Phyllis after Coco chases one of Phyllis's cats into traffic. (10/24/05)

76 The Big State of the Reunion Episode Mona goes against her initial instincts and decides to attend her ten-year high school reunion, where her professional accomplishments cannot protect her from the cruel comments of a pair of former cheerleaders. She perks up after a successful classmate takes an interest in her. Meanwhile, things do not go as planned for Spencer when he meets his on-line sweetheart in person; and Adam tries to get rich by stealing company supplies and selling them on the Internet. (11/07/05)

77 The Big How to Do & Undo It Episode Spencer seeks Dee Dee's advice to land a sophisticated woman, and again turns to Dee Dee for help ridding himself of the woman when she proves to be unbearably controlling. Gabrielle repeatedly refuses Spencer's efforts to break up with her. Meanwhile, Mona reluctantly gives Phyllis some advice before her first big romantic weekend with Glen. Dee Dee plans a bachelor party for a client. (11/14/05)

78 The Big Days of Wine & Neuroses Episode Dee Dee tricks Mona into joining her at a singles weekend at an exclusive new hotel. Mona meets a handsome bartender, but Dee Dee repeatedly tries to steer her away from him, claiming that she has her best interests in mind. Spencer and Adam also attend the event, thanks to Adam's successful friend. Spencer enjoys the perks of hanging out with Adam and his friends, but is surprised to discover that people believe he is also gay. Meanwhile, Big Dee Dee convinces Phyllis that her presence in the building and relationship with Glen are driving Mona away. (11/21/05)

79 The Big Sexism in the City Episode After Dee Dee complains about Brett's sexist treatment of her, Charles and Spencer show up at the office to confront him. Their actions backfire, as everyone at the office begins thinking of Dee Dee as a "daddy's girl." Dee Dee, with encouragement from Mona, Phyllis and Big Dee Dee, sets out to prove herself by trying to land a successful athlete who has refused to sign with any agent. (11/28/05)

80 The Big Sweet Smell of Excess Episode Mona realizes that she needs to slow down her relationship with Chase after they start spending so much time having sex that it begins to affect her job and other aspects of her life. Dee Dee plans a "legends ball" on behalf of her mother (who is depressed because of her floundering acting career), but finds that none of the invited guests want to attend. Spencer buys a gigantic new truck that soon leaves him financially strapped because he can't afford gas. (12/12/05)

81 The Big Turning Over a New Leaf Episode After throwing together a baby shower for Neil and Janet, Dee Dee becomes concerned by the fact that she is the only person in attendance who is not attached. She begins to question her life and decision to pursue her career so aggressively. Meanwhile, Mona worries that her lack of maternal instinct could have a negative effect on her relationship with Chase. She tries spending time with Drew, and receives some advice from Big Dee Dee. (1/16/06)

82 The Big Diva Down Episode Dee Dee receives the opportunity to appear on a sports talk show, only to humiliate herself by falling flat on her face. Mona objects when Spencer and Adam constantly give in to Dalis's petty demands. She finally puts her foot down, with disastrous results. (2/06/06)

83 The Big My Funny Valentine Episode Mona fears that Chase hasn't made any special plans for Valentine's Day, so she tries to take action. Dee Dee sets Brett up on a blind date in the hopes of curing him of his bad mood concerning the holiday, which stems from a broken engagement. Spencer gets close with a rival music executive whom Mona despises. Adam grows irritated with his Valentine's date, a man with whom he's shared a yearly tryst for the past 10 years. (2/13/06)

84 The Big Take Me as I Am Episode Mona continues to bristle at Spencer's relationship with Naomi, who seems strangely reluctant to become romantically involved with him. Mona's mother and friends encourage her to put her personal feelings about Naomi aside and help Spencer. Naomi later divulges a surprising secret to Spencer. Dee Dee has difficulty following her boss' edict to drop a female tennis player with limited marketability. Big Dee Dee gets a potential break in her acting career when she's given a callback for a low-budget horror movie. (2/20/06)

85 The Big Reality Bites Episode Spencer continues to shower Naomi with affection after she reveals her HIV-positive status. However, her newfound confidence prompts her to dump him and seek to profess her love for another man. Mona tries to comfort Spencer, but he rejects her for failing to back him throughout the relationship. Dee Dee agrees to join her new actor boyfriend in a reality show, and winds up humiliated. Charles is surprisingly supportive when Big Dee Dee is asked to do a nude scene in her film debut. (2/27/06)

86 The Big Stuck in the Middle Episode Dee Dee persuades Mona to ask Chase to give Lorenzo a job. (3/27/06)

87 The Big 'What Have We Done?' Dee Dee accidentally sleeps with her boss"?twice. Episode (4/17/06)

88 The Big Nervous Breakup Episode Mona breaks up with Chase. (4/24/06)

89 The Big Mother's What?! Episode Mona lashes out at her co-workers after her breakup with Chase. Brett wants Dee Dee to help athlete Dwight Mitchell keep a secret from his wife.(5/01/06)

90 The Big Hide and Sneak Episode Mona goes into therapy. (5/15/06)

91 The Big Who You Gonna Call Mona decides to date both Chase and Lorenzo, until they want her to make a decision. (5/15/06)

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