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Graceland is an American police drama television series on the USA Network created by Jeff Eastin. It premiered on June 6, 2013.


A group of undercover agents from various law enforcement agencies in the United States, including the DEA, the FBI, and the ICE, live together in a confiscated Southern California beach house known as "Graceland". Rookie FBI agent Mike Warren is assigned to the house fresh out of Quantico training.





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ShortSummary = Despite graduating first in his class and requesting a post in Washington, new FBI agent Mike Warren is assigned to southern California to be trained in undercover operations by the enigmatic Paul Briggs. After meeting the FBI, DEA, and ICE agents who share a beach house headquarters, Mike begins his first day with a drug buy and then has to agree to kill someone on behalf of a Russian gang. At the end of the day, he learns that his true assignment is to investigate Briggs, who has already saved his life. Viewers = 3.32 LineColor = 007fff }}

ShortSummary = Mike meets his secret case manager, who urges him to get more involved in one of Briggs' operations. Briggs is trying to infiltrate the organization of a crime boss named Bello, and Mike has the idea of selling Bello's men some cop-killer bullets obtained by Jakes in a customs case. Briggs uses Mike in a complex plan to complete the sale (and thus establish their credibility with Bello), but recover the bullets and incidently take down another major criminal as well, freeing DEA agent Paige from a difficult position. Mike tries to covertly report to the case manager during this operation, leading Briggs to confront him about who he is talking to. Viewers = 2.77 LineColor = 007fff }}

ShortSummary = Briggs and Mike meet with Bello and appear to convince him that his man Eddie, not they, were responsible for the loss of the bullets. Briggs' inquiry about who Mike was talking to remains unanswered. DEA agent Lauren is ending the undercover assignment with a Russian gang that got her partner Donny shot in the pilot episode. Briggs organizes a joint operation against the Russians based on Lauren's information but finds her unreliable and takes steps to keep Graceland secure. Paige introduces Mike to Abby, an attractive law student. Charlie severs relations with an eccentric confidential informant. Viewers = 2.27 LineColor = 007fff }}

ShortSummary = Bello enlists Mike to train his men in firearms. Eddie attempts to convince Bello that Mike is not what he seems but is ultimately unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Paige finds unusually high-grade marijuana being sold on the street and enlists Jakes and Johnny in a plan to prove that a rural grower (a woman who has a history with Jakes) is exceeding the limits on legal cultivation. This operation falls apart when Johnny's cover identity as a Mexican gang member is penetrated. Charlie makes her famous tomato sauce, and Mike has another date with Abby. Viewers = 2.33 LineColor = 007fff }}

ShortSummary = Briggs and Charlie have made contact with a dealer named Quinn, using old identities from a time when they were lovers, and plan to use Quinn to get to a larger dealer named Odin. Charlie's unreliable former informant Whistler knows Quinn; they first avoid him to avoid being exposed, but are eventually forced to use Whistler to vouch for them. Meanwhile, Mike demands to see the basis for the FBI's suspicion of Briggs, and learns that he appears to be skimming a portion of the heroin seized in cases. He resolves to gain Bello's confidence to set up a large seizure and test Briggs' honesty, and finally succeeds in becoming Bello's personal bodyguard. Viewers = 1.88 LineColor = 007fff }}

ShortSummary = Charlie is forced to inject heroin (a firing offense in the FBI) to escape from Quinn; Briggs takes her to a safe house to hide her withdrawal symptoms, but the next day she is called to report to a superior on the incident. Briggs helps her take a small amount of heroin to handle the interview, and Johnny takes the blame for the failed operation. The DEA capture a smugglers' submarine with no drugs in it. Mike learns from Bello that the drugs were on a torpedo that the sub jettisoned. He introduces Johnny (actually a Navy diver who nearly became a SEAL) to Bello as someone who can recover the torpedo. While Johnny is underwater, Bello tells Mike he plans to kill Johnny when he surfaces. Briggs then has Johnny fake his own death with the torpedo's booby trap, also secretly recovering the drugs. Mike, enraged as he also thought Johnny was dead, suspects that Briggs has taken some of the drugs and follows him to San Diego, where it turns out he is attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Viewers = 1.90 LineColor = 007fff }}

ShortSummary = After the meeting, Briggs explains to Mike how some years before, on an unauthorized mission to Mexico, he was captured by the Caza cartel, forcibly given heroin, then released. He kept this secret from the FBI, but Mike reports it to his case manager, who promises to help Briggs. Charlie is unable to find any new leads to Odin, whom apparently no one has ever seen. Bello is short of heroin after the loss of the torpedo, and may have to cut his product, killing many users. Briggs instead has Mike suggest to Bello that he buy from Odin rather than Caza, offering Briggs as a go-between. In a one-on-one meeting with Bello, with his audio link cut off, Briggs claims to be Odin but does not mention this when briefing Charlie. Meanwhile, Paige and Johnny urge Mike to break up with Abby, but Jakes (after conversations with the mother of his child and her current partner) says he should try to maintain the relationship, which he does. Viewers = 2.02 LineColor = 007fff }}

ShortSummary = Briggs/Odin begins his commerce with Bello, leaving bags of heroin (taken from a large stash in his secret safe house) and never picking up the bags of cash Bello leaves in exchange (as they are watched by the others). Caza send a hit team to one of Bello's distribution centers, killing several of his employees, but one of their men is captured. Bello tortures and maims him before Mike saves his life and sends him back; he tells them that the dreaded Caza assassin "Jangles" (who captured Briggs in Mexico) is coming for them. Mike brings Abby to Graceland against the rules, and she sees enough to scare her off for good. Charlie is suspicious of the audio cutoff in the Briggs-Bello meeting; she and Johnny search the safe house (where Briggs appears to be about to shoot up) but do not find the hidden stash. Mike interrupts the next heroin delivery to force Bello to meet Odin again. Briggs prepares a way for Bello to meet him in spite of the surveillance, and gives Bello the keys to the safe house. To cover the escape of "Odin" he attacks Mike from behind and subdues him before he can be seen, though he suffers badly bruised ribs that he conceals from the others. Viewers = 2.22 LineColor = 007fff }} </ref>

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