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Day of the Warrior, sometimes credited as L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Day of the Warrior is a 1996 B-Movie written and directed by Andy Sidaris. The film follows The Legion to Ensure Total Harmony and Law (L.E.T.H.A.L.) as they attempt to track a criminal known only as The Warrior. The Warrior (Marcus Bagwell) is a former Olympic gold medalist, ex-CIA agent, pro wrestler, fine art dealer, diamond smuggler and pornography bootlegger. He is assisted by former American Gladiators star Zap (Raye Hollitt); this movie came out immediately after her Playboy pictorial the same year.

Hot on his trail are the L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies headed up by Commander Willow Black (former Penthouse Pet Julie Strain) and assisted by Agent Tiger (former Playboy Playmate Shae Marks) and Agent Cobra (former Penthouse Pet Julie K. Smith).

This was Andy Sidaris' first directed film since 1993's Fit to Kill and his return to the film genre he is often credited as creating, the T&A&G film. (He did produce a couple of entries in the L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies series in 1993 and 1994, however) A traditional element of his films is the casting of many former Penthouse and Playboy models and much gunplay and explosions.


  • Kevin Light .... Doc Austin
  • Cristian Letelier .... J. Tyler Ward
  • Julie Strain .... Willow Black
  • Julie K. Smith .... Cobra
  • Shae Marks .... Tiger
  • Marcus Bagwell .... Warrior
  • Raye Hollitt .... Kym
  • Rodrigo Obregón .... Manuel
  • Justin Melvey .... Jordon
  • Gerald Okamura .... Fu
  • Richard Cansino .... J.P
  • Cassidy Phillips .... Chaz
  • Tammy Parks .... Scorpion
  • Darren Wise .... Shark
  • Ted Prior .... Dietrich

The Triple B Series by Andy Sidaris

  1. . Malibu Express (1985)
  2. . Hard Ticket to Hawaii / Piège Mortel à Hawaï (1987)
  3. . Picasso Trigger (1988)
  4. . Savage Beach (1989)
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  6. . Do or Die / Girls, Games & Guns (1991)
  7. . Hard Hunted (1992)
  8. . Fit to Kill (1993)
  9. . Enemy Gold (1993)
  10. . The Dallas Connection (1994)
  11. . Day of the Warrior (1996)
  12. . Return to Savage Beach (1998)

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