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China, IL – meaning "China, Illinois" – is an animated television series for the cable network Adult Swim. The series is created by Brad Neely, and features Neely's existing characters from the China, IL web-series and special. Characters include Frank and Steve Smith, aka "The Professor Brothers," and Mark "Baby" Cakes. Neely provides the voice for all three characters. The series is produced by Williams Street and animated by Titmouse, Inc. China, IL has been renewed for a second season with the possibility of a new half hour runtime.

On May 25, 2008, Adult Swim ran The Funeral, an 11-minute special which was streamed on the now defunct Super Deluxe website. The special combined Brad Neely's Professor Brothers and Baby Cakes webseries, which were also streamed at Super Deluxe, and established a larger environment for the characters. The special, as well as Brad Neely's other videos, can be viewed at Neely's YouTube page.



  • Brad Neely as Steve Smith, Frank Smith, Mark "Baby" Cakes
  • Greta Gerwig as Pony
  • Hulk Hogan as The Dean (credited as "Terry 'Hulk' Hogan")




Critical reception for the show has been positive, with the A.V. Club stating "This is probably the most charming comedy you'll ever see that includes a scene hinting that the wily Ronald Reagan was faking his Alzheimer's." The New York Times called China, IL "the first new cartoon in years truly to live up to the renegade spirit of the golden era of Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival". MTV Geek called China, IL "one of the most enjoyably demented shows to make its debut in the Adult Swim lineup this year".

Episode list

Special (2008)

"?- # Title Directed by Written by U.S. viewers
Original air date Production
ProdCode = 000 ShortSummary = Baby Cakes finds the diary of a dead professor. NOTE: This 4-act special was originally made for, and drawn in the style of Neely's Creased Comics videos.

LineColor = 666699 }}

Season 1 (2011"2012)

"?- # Title Directed by Written by U.S. viewers: People 2+
Original air date Production
ProdCode = 101 ShortSummary = A time-traveling Ronald Reagan attempts to have his revenge on Professor Steve Smith for doing Reagan impressions in a talent show. LineColor = 3366CC }}

ProdCode = 102 ShortSummary = The Mayor is tired of the riots sparked by UCI after the latest one following a math competition and challenges The Dean to an arm wrestling contest for control of the school. LineColor = 3366CC }}

ProdCode = 103 ShortSummary = When a freak accident causes a science experiment to go horribly wrong, the college has to deal with a giant baby on campus. LineColor = 3366CC }}

ProdCode = 104 ShortSummary = The ghost of a dead professor (Jason Alexander) becomes a little too friendly with Professor Frank, while Steve and Crystal wage war over who will have more students for the upcoming semester. LineColor = 3366CC }}

ProdCode = 105 ShortSummary = Steve becomes a tenured professor while Pony blackmails The Dean, threatening to expose his fetish for old strippers, to gain tenure herself. LineColor = 3366CC }}

ProdCode = 106 ShortSummary = The staff-only prom is held in a condemned building formerly used by Professor Cakes, and Baby Cakes falls for a feral girl with a dark secret. LineColor = 3366CC }}

ProdCode = 108 ShortSummary = The students all fail their finals and the governor threatens to shut down UCI unless they retake the exams and pass. Professor Cakes builds robotic replicas of the professors so they don't have to teach, but the robots revolt when they learn that the New Year's ball drop will trigger a self-destruct mechanism. LineColor = 3366CC }}

ProdCode = 107 ShortSummary = After suffering near-fatal internal injuries from the annual Faculty League Wrestling match, Professors Frank and Steve are literally joined at the hip to save both their lives, but use their new joined body to start winning wrestling matches instead. LineColor = 3366CC }}

ProdCode = 109 ShortSummary = Babycakes "friends" his ex-imaginary friend, Dream Reamer, on Facebook. But when Dream Reamer escapes into the real world and ruins his real friends' lives, Babycakes must go back into his dream world to defeat Reamer. LineColor = 3366CC }}

ProdCode = 110 ShortSummary = The Dean issues his Dean's List, which forces professors and students to form teams and compete in a scavenger hunt, which he watches on monitors with China, Illinois' elites, including Baby Cakes. However, to make the contest more interesting, the Dean turns the scavenger hunt into a Hunger Games-style fight for survival. LineColor = 3366CC }}

Season 2

On May 17, 2012, Brad Neely made a Tweet confirming that he is currently working on Season 2 of the show. Season 2 will consist of 30 minute episodes, instead of the previous 11 minute run-time of Season 1.

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