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Belle & Sebastian: The Adventure Continues (original title: Belle et Sbastien, l'aventure continue) is a 2015 French adventure film. It is directed by Christian Duguay. The film is the sequel to the 2013 film Belle and Sebastian.


In the French Alps village of Saint-Martin, during the year 1945, Sbastien (a nine-year-old orphan) lives with Csar, his adoptive "grandfather". They await Csar's daughter Anglina, who, having fought with the Resistance until the end of the war, is coming home by plane. On the journey, Anglina's plane crashes in the Italian Alps, apparently with no survivors. Csar breaks the news to Sbastien, who refuses to accept she has perished.

Csar arranges for a local cantankerous pilot Pierre to make a fly-by of the crash site. Csar tells Sbastien that Pierre is probably his real father. Sbastien and Belle sneak on board Pierre's plane for the fly-by and see a flare lit near the crash site which Pierre does not. They argue and Sbastien grabs the joystick, causing the plane to land awkwardly and lose a wheel. The three of them are stranded in the mountains.

Sbastien and Belle start to walk towards the crash site in search of Anglina. Pierre eventually catches up with them, finding Sbastien has set up a camp and is quite confident in the forest. On the way they rescue Gabriele from a bear attack. She is a 14-year-old girl masquerading as a boy, because she is the only girl in an all-male Italian logging camp and her father fears for her safety. Another experienced hiker, she befriends Sbastien and leads them to the logging camp.

Sbastien again tries to escape to look for Anglina at the base of the cliffs, but is recaptured and locked up at the camp, while Belle follows a trail to the cliffs and eventually returns to camp. Pierre is still not convinced Anglina is alive, and angry with Sbastien for consistently disobeying him, but because by now he knows Sbastien may be his son, they have a rapprochement.

The camp awakes in the morning to find a bushfire threatening in strong winds, but Sbastien, Belle and Gabriele have left with supplies, again to follow Belle to where Anglina may be. They are caught by the bushfire and Pierre, again following them, saves them by extinguishing the fire with a stick of dynamite. They walk to the cliff base and enter a cave, following Belle. There is no sign of Anglina on the cave floor, but Sbastien is lowered by rope to a lower cave, where he finds Anglina, who had fallen to this lower level. She appears harmed but (in a major flaw of the plot) gets up with only a damaged arm, and is winched back to safety by Pierre and Gabriele. By now, the bushfire threatens the cave mouth so Belle leads them up a back exit to the top of the cliffs, and they narrowly escape asphyxiation.

They are next seen at the aircraft, which has been repaired with the aid of the Italian loggers and Gabriele's father. They all fly back to France, passing over Csar and Pierre's mechanic, who had walked together for two days to reach the crash site (the mechanic complaining about the arduous nature of the journey). Csar joyfully turns back for home, having seen a hand waving from the plane.

The final scenes see Csar arriving at his house in Saint-Martin; he embraces Anglina, as she emerges from hanging out the washing. Sbastien and Pierre sit at the grave of Sbastien's dead mother, who was carrying him at the time of her death in the first movie. It emerges Pierre loved her, but she was a Romany gypsy woman, so their affair was secret from everybody, particularly the male gypsy siblings. Pierre did not know she was pregnant at the time of her death. He had searched for her for months without success, after his own release from German prison camp. It then pans to a shot of the alpine valley in summer.


  • Flix Bossuet as Sbastien, the protagonist of the film, as a young, adventurous and stubborn 9-year-old orphan
  • Tchky Karyo as Csar, Sbastien's adoptive grandfather
  • Thierry Neuvic as Pierre, the long-lost father of Sbastien
  • Margaux Chtelier as Anglina, Sbastien's stand-in mother, who had recently run off to fight with the resistance during the WWII
  • Thylane Blondeau as Gabriele, the young 14-year-old girl masquerading as a male, who sets out to help Sbastien find Anglina
  • Urbain Cancelier as The Mayor
  • Joseph Malerba as Alfonso
  • Ludi Boeken as Marcel
  • Jeffrey Noel as Louis
  • Fred Epaud as Ren
  • Victoria Duguay as Victoria
  • Octave Bossuet as Octave

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