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666 Park Avenue is an American supernatural drama series, which premiered on ABC on September 30, 2012. The series was created and produced by David Wilcox, and was loosely based upon the novel of the same name by Gabriella Pierce. The show stars Rachael Taylor, Dave Annable, Vanessa Williams and Terry O'Quinn and follows a couple who learns that the Manhattan apartment building that they just moved into, including its upscale tenants, might be possessed by a mysterious demonic force.

The elaborate Beaux-Arts building located on the fashionable Upper East Side of Manhattan called "The Drake" in the series is an actual apartment building, The Ansonia in New York City.

ABC ordered the pilot on January 20, 2012, and it was picked up for a full first season of thirteen episodes on . It aired on Sunday evenings at 10:00 pm Eastern/9:00 pm Central, with the series Revenge serving as its lead in. On , ABC announced that the series had been canceled, but will finish its thirteen-episode run.

On December 21, 2012, ABC announced that the final four episodes of 666 Park Avenue would air the following summer, and that Happy Endings and Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 will be shown in its place on Sundays. The final episodes were first broadcast in Spain, with broadcasts also planned in New Zealand and Australia, ahead of their original airing on ABC.


The plot of 666 Park Avenue focuses on the new co-managers of the Drake residential hotel located at 999 Park Avenue. It also centers around the other tenants in the building and the married owners of the building.

Cast and characters

  • Rachael Taylor as Jane Van Veen, the new co-manager of the building
  • Dave Annable as Henry Martin, the new co-manager of the building
  • Robert Buckley as Brian Leonard, Louise's husband, a playwright, who lives in the building.
  • Mercedes Masohn as Louise Leonard, Brian's wife, a photographer
  • Helena Mattsson as Alexis Blume, assistant and friend of Louise
  • Erik Palladino as Tony DeMeo, the doorman of the building
  • Samantha Logan as Nona Clark, a resident with a unique gift
  • Vanessa Williams as Olivia Doran, the coldly beautiful and sophisticated wife of the building's owner
  • Terry O'Quinn as Gavin Doran, the building's owner and the series' primary antagonist


  • Misha Kuznetsov as Kandinsky
  • Teddy Sears as Detective Hayden Cooper
  • Aubrey Dollar as Annie Morgan
  • Enrique Murciano as Dr. Todd Scott
  • Tessa Thompson as Laurel Harris/Sasha Doran
  • Nick Chinlund as Victor Shaw
  • Whoopi Goldberg as Maris Elder

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Series premiere Series finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 13 Summer 2013


No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
U.S. viewers
ProdCode = 296822 Viewers = 6.90 ShortSummary = Jane Van Veen and Henry Martin get hired as the new managers of 'The Drake'. When they first move into the hotel, they believe that everything is normal about it, until Jane starts to have weird dreams, and meets one of the tenants with blood all over him. Jane also finds a dragon mosaic in the basement. Henry and Jane both try to form a friendship with the owners of the hotel, Olivia and Gavin Doran. One of the tenants, Louise, gets into an accident when the elevator door almost kills her; the tenant Nona steals Jane's necklace. The neighbor that Jane met earlier ends up striking a deal with Gavin to bring his wife back, but only if he killed certain people; after being asked to kill one more man, the tenant decides not to and is sucked into the wall, and his wife returns to being dead. LineColor = 9A0700 }}

ProdCode = 2J7352 Viewers = 4.99 ShortSummary = Jane tries to find out more about the Drake and uncovers the secrets behind the dragon mosaic that she found in the basement. Henry and Gavin go golfing, only to meet someone that Henry is working against in court, which makes Henry realize that he could get in serious trouble for talking to the man. Louise ends up in the hospital from the elevator accident that happened, while Brian is at home Alexis walks in on him after a shower and they share a kiss. Jane continues to research about the Drake and finds birds in the wall of one of the hotel rooms; After realizing that there are more birds than she could handle she calls an exterminator who soon goes missing; Jane eventually realizes that the birds are a part of the Drake. LineColor = 9A0700 }}

ProdCode = 2J7353 Viewers = 4.82 ShortSummary = Jane starts seeing a little girl in the laundry room; every time she tries to talk to her, she disappears. Gavin tries to talk Henry into a career change into politics, only for Henry to shoot him down. A young journalist, Annie Morgan, at the hotel starts writing articles to see if it could help boost her journalism career. She goes to Gavin after she writes about a killer, and the killer ends up going after her. When she goes to him he promises to deal with the problem, only for him to ask her to send the killer after someone else. Jane continues to search for her missing necklace, and finds out that people have been having stuff stolen from them for a long time and sets off to find the thief. LineColor = 9A0700 }}

ProdCode = 2J7354 Viewers = 4.81 ShortSummary = Henry learns Gavin is under investigation and is threatened to help put Gavin away in prison or his career would not survive; Nona has a meeting with a social worker and ends up stealing her sunglasses. When the worker asks Jane if she's seen them, Jane realizes that the thief is Nona and says that she won't turn her in if she returns everything that she stole. That night, before going to a party at the mayor's home, Nona has a vision of Henry getting murdered by the same man that Annie had created up the day before; she then tells Jane and warns her not to let Henry out of her sight. At the party, Jane witnesses the man Nona described grabbing a gun; she yells Henry's name and saves his life. Nonetheless, the tenant Annie Morgan pays the price by having the bullet strike her in the head. LineColor = 9A0700 }}

ProdCode = 2J7355 Viewers = 4.61 ShortSummary = While Olivia finishes the Halloween ball, it reminds her of a rather memorable Halloween in 1929 when a man murdered his wife and his daughter survived. Jane then finds an article on the attack and finds that the girl is the girl Jane has been seeing. The daughter tells Jane that her father has escaped the suitcase, only for the man to chase Jane through the hotel attempting to murder her with an axe. Gavin works to save Olivia's life when he receives threatening texts; later on Olivia is kidnapped. Gavin finds her; he also finds that a box of his which had been stolen. Brian starts to think that Louise is cheating on him when he finds her in the room alone with Dr. Scott Evans. After continually asking Dr. Scott for pills, he finally confronts Louise about his suspicions on her drug addiction, stating that he won't tell anyone if she helps herself. LineColor = 9A0700 }}

ProdCode = 2J7356 Viewers = 3.99 ShortSummary = Jane and Henry deal with the aftermath of Jane being attacked, with Jane having nightmares, and both of them talking to the police. After they talk to the police, they find that everything Jane experienced the night before isn't there anymore. Gavin continues to try to find the box that was stolen from him the night before, eventually finding the man responsible, and Olivia finds out that the reason she passed out was because of too much alcohol, or so Dr. Todd tells her, only for him to tell Gavin that he saw in the blood test that Olivia had been drugged. During lunch with Jane, a man comes by and tells Olivia that she needs to get away from Gavin before he tears him apart. Laurel continues to help Henry skyrocket his career, stating that he needs to stay being the most eligible bachelor. Jane tells one of the cops about what really happened the night before. LineColor = 9A0700 }}

ProdCode = 2J7357 Viewers = 3.90 ShortSummary = In 1998, Nona's mother Melissa comes to visit her mother at the Drake, only for her mother to tell her to leave and not return until after Nona is born. On her way out, Melissa gets stuck in an elevator and gives birth to Nona there. In the present day, Henry gets awarded for stopping the gunman a week before, while Jane continues to say she wants to leave. Brian decides to leave Louise; while Henry decides to ask Jane to marry him, with the help of Olivia and Gavin. Nona finds her grandmother in the hallway, telling her to not let Jane leave. LineColor = 9A0700 }}

ProdCode = 2J7358 Viewers = 3.94 ShortSummary = Henry finds a confused and scared Jane in the hospital. She wishes to go home; he thinks she is safer there. Jane later learns her behavior is similar to another patient's: Julian Waters. She visits him and sees he has written symbols on his wall and writes them on her wall. Shaw tells Gavin that Olivia knows the truth about Sasha's death " that she killed herself out of fear of Gavin. Olivia confirms this, telling him that she was trying to protect him. Gavin goes to retrieve the red box at church where Shaw had placed it, while Olivia confronts Shaw. He tells her that Sasha is still alive and can take Olivia to see her, if she releases him. Kandinsky and Gavin later arrive to find Shaw's empty chair. Jane is released from the hospital and is visited by Nona, who knows someone who can help her. One of Julian's symbols can be seen etched in the door frame of Maris's apartment as Jane rings the doorbell. LineColor = 9A0700 }}

ProdCode = 2J7359 Viewers = 3.96 ShortSummary = For 26 years, Maris Elder (Whoopi Goldberg) has stayed in her apartment. Jane seeks her help in remembering what happened when she went down the spiral stairs in the Drake's basement. Maris hypnotizes her and she transports back to 1927 to meet a woman named Libby, who Jane thinks is the one she's been seeing in the mirror. Jane finds a journal in the old Kramer apartment that contains the symbols. Further hypnosis reveals that Libby offered herself for a ritual killing, in order to spare Jane's grandmother Jocelyn. With the past and present connected, Maris is able to leave the Drake. Meanwhile, Olivia demands Shaw to take her to Sasha. She goes inside a building, leaving Tony and Shaw outside with a nearby armed Kandinsky watching. She finds an empty apartment while, outside, Shaw has been shot. Elsewhere, Gavin is given Jane's medical file, complete with her psychiatric history, intended to ruin Henry's political future. Gavin believes the leak to be Laurel Harris and goes to a noisy bar to meet her. "Laurel" actually turns out to be his daughter Sasha. LineColor = 9A0700 }}

Summer 2013 (US)
ProdCode = 2J7360 Viewers = ShortSummary = Gavin makes Sasha and Olivia meet again. Someone leaks a Councilman Sullivan's scandal to the press and Henry suspects Gavin. Henry and Jane decide to leave the candidacy. Jane looks at a mirror and she sees Libby doing the same symbol that appears in Kramer's diary and Maris Elder's door. Seeking the key to decrypt the encrypted diary, Jane goes to the house of a member's descendant of the Order of the Dragon. She meets Harlan Moore there. He is the man wearing the ring on the sacrifice. Now he is 117 years old, he is alive but very ill. He tells Jane that she has to open a door in the heart of the building to save Libby. Seeking the door, Jane finds a mirror in the basement. Alexis is indebted to Gavin because she walks thanks to him. On January 13th she was hit by a car and since then she was in a wheelchair. Alexis drugs Louise's drink, and Louise tells her that on January 13th she hit someone with the car and then went on the run. Gavin and Sasha convince Henry to continue with the candidacy. Jane breaks the mirror while dreaming and she manages to free Libby's soul, but also, a dark mass escapes. The dark mass is thrown at her and she wakes up suddenly. The black mass reaches under the bed of Harland Moore, who rejuvenates. LineColor = 9A0700 }} (Spain)
Summer 2013 (US)

ProdCode = 2J7361 Viewers = ShortSummary = Gavin and Sasha are discussing Henry's campaign. Sasha suggests that Henry should start talking at community meetings personally to gain popularity. And she suggests that they start with the Saint Thomas Church, the largest church. Meanwhile, the church's Cardinal is tormented as he is seeing demons. Sasha meets the church's Cardinal and tells him that he can make the demons go away if he kills Gavin Doran. She tells him that he would need to kill Gavin with a knife anointed with a king's blood on hallowed lands. As Gavin would be coming for Henry's speech, it would be a good opportunity to kill him. Sasha and the Cardinal attend an auction and get hold of the knife that killed Julius Caesar. At the church, the Cardinal makes a failed attempt to take Gavin's life. Sasha tries to kill her mother but Gavin reaches in time. Gavin tells Sasha that the Cardinal had failed because he too was not innocent enough to complete the task. Gavin opens the dragon mosaic to trap Sasha as Olivia looks on. Harlan Moore using the name Patrick Cory moves into Maris Elder's apartment (2D) and tells Jane that he will renovate the apartment himself. Patrick Cory tries to flirt with Louise. Louise is very angry to see Alexis and Brian kissing at the play rehearsal. She spends the night at Patrick Cory's apartment. LineColor = 9A0700 }} (Spain)
Summer 2013 (US)

ProdCode = 2J7362 Viewers = ShortSummary = Jane meets Detective Cooper and tells him that she has deciphered Kramer's diary using the key provided by Harlan Moore who is staying at the Drake under the name Patrick Cory. She tells him that the word "Conspiratii" appears repeatedly in the diary. Two men break into Jane's apartment looking for Kramer's diary and steal it from her when she returns to the apartment. Olivia and Gavin are busy organizing the engagement party for Henry and Jane. Henry drives down to Jane's father to invite him but Jane's father turns down the invitation. Louise wakes up to find herself in Patrick's apartment feeling very guilty. She rushes back to her apartment where Alexis attempts to murder Louise with a knife. Brian enters the apartment to find both women struggling. He tries to stop Alexis while Louise picks up a rod and hits Alexis, instantly killing her. Jane is seen in Harlan's room trying to open the padlock. Harlan tells Jane that Vatican policy of the sixteenth century tried to destroy the Order of the Dragon in 1929 and Conspiratii were spies for the Vatican worldwide and some still existed. Jane suspects Cooper of stealing the diary and confronts him at the Champs Elysees. Cooper and Eunice Moore tell her that they had asked the two men to only photograph the diary and not steal it. They tell her that he "Conspiratii" originated in 1542, when a group of cardinals conspired to bring down the pope. They believed that Satan had taken control of the papacy. Eventually, the conspiracy was discovered but a priest escaped. The group reassembled in secret and since then the Conspiratii have continued his mission. Jane's blood enables the dragon mosaic in Harlan's room and Cooper gets worried that Harlan is going to sacrifice Jane like he sacrificed Libby. Cooper rushes to Drake to protect Jane, where Gavin is waiting for him while Kandinsky kills the rest of the Conspiratii. Gavin extracts information on Harlan from Cooper. Gavin confronts Harlan in apartment 2D and Olivia traps Harlan in the box that is the heart of the Drake and source of all Gavin's power. LineColor = 9A0700 }} (Spain)
Summer 2013 (US)

ProdCode = 2J7363 Viewers = ShortSummary = Brian and Louise are discussing what to do with Alexis's body. They decide to hide it in the basement. Gavin meets them on their way up from the basement and tells Louise that she has a missing earring. Louise gets worried that it might have been left behind in Alexis's body. Brian and Louise go down to the basement where Gavin confronts them. He says that their lease agreement is terminated because of Alexis's death and consigns them both to the basement wall. Jane has a drowning experience in the bathtub as the chain stopper coils around her feet. She learns that her mother drowned in a similar way. Gavin and Olivia tell Jane that her father was the prime suspect in her mother's death because he had discovered that she was having an affair. Gavin meets Henry at his campaign office and asks him to clearly take a stand against New York City Councilman, Frank Sullivan. Henry refuses to get into dirty politics. Frank Sullivan is found dead in his apartment. Gavin calls Henry to inform him that Henry's stand of keeping quiet was a good call particularly now when Frank was dead. Jane's father returns to the Drake and tries to take her away at gunpoint. They enter the lift which malfunctions and opens into Gavin's room. Henry also arrives looking for Jane worried after seeing the bathtub faucet open in the apartment. Gavin makes Jane's father shoot Henry. Jane is desperate for Henry's life. Jane learns that Gavin is her father and that it was he who killed her mother. Gavin tells her that there would be a price to pay if he let's Henry live. Henry becomes the City Councilman. Towards the end, Gavin tells Jane that they can take over the world with the help of Jane and Henry's son. In the last scene, Jane tells Henry that she is pregnant. LineColor = 9A0700 }}


# Title Air date Rating/share (18"49) Viewers (millions) DVR (18"49) DVR Viewers (millions) Total (18"49) Total Viewers (millions)
1 "Pilot" 2.1/5 6.90 1.1 2.64 3.2 9.54
2 "Murmurations" 1.7/4 4.99 0.9 2.6
3 "The Dead Don't Stay Dead" 1.5/4 4.82 0.8 2.3
4 "Hero Complex" 1.7/4 4.81 0.7 2.4
5 "A Crowd of Demons" 1.6/4 4.61 0.9 2.5
6 "Diabolic" 1.3/4 3.99 1.0 1.91 2.3 5.90
7 "Downward Spiral" 1.2/3 3.90 0.8 2.0
8 "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" 1.2/3 3.94 0.8 1.62 2.0 5.57
9 "Hypnos" 1.3/3 3.96 0.7 2.0
10 "The Comfort of Death"
11 "Sins of the Father"
12 "The Elysian Fields"
13 "Lazarus"


Series star Vanessa Williams stated that she perceives the characters of Gavin and Olivia Doran as a "supernatural" Bernie and Ruth Madoff. "It's a world that I wanted to explore," she said. "It's the Upper East Side. It's luxurious. It's a couple that are very powerful. I thought about the Madoffs immediately because they were extremely wealthy. They had incredible land holdings all over that people knew about and knew that they had a great amount of wealth. And then we all saw the dark side and what happened and how they created their empire."

Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City in late October 2012, the sets of 666 Park Avenue were damaged.


On November 16, 2012, 666 Park Avenue was canceled by ABC. The network will air the thirteen episodes produced, but ultimately decided to pass on the two extra scripts that were ordered. On November 21, 2012, it was announced that producers had been given enough notice of the show's cancellation that they were reworking the final episode to function as a series finale and give the fans closure. ABC plans to air the final four episodes this summer.

International broadcasts

  • In Australia, the show premiered on Fox8 on , in the Monday 9:20pm slot.
  • In Canada, the show airs in simulcast on City.
  • In the United Kingdom, the show airs on ITV2 from , Tuesdays at 10pm
  • In Spain, the show airs on Calle 13
  • In New Zealand, the show premiered on TV2 (New Zealand) on , in the Friday 8:30pm slot. After the third episode it was shifted to the Sunday 11pm time slot.

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