The Sacramento Zoo in California announced it is giving temporary lodging to a ring-tailed lemur that a local resident found in his back yard.

The zoo said a man in Turlock, in northern California, contacted officials in December to report spotting a strange animal in his back yard that he believed to be an endangered ring-tailed lemur, a species native only to Madagascar.

The animal was captured with help from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and has now completed a required quarantine period at the zoo.

The zoo said it is now seeking a permanent home for the lemur, which officials said does not seem to be comfortable with others of its species and is believed to be a product of the illegal pet trade.

Lemurs are legal to own in California with a special license, but the zoo said no one in the area with a lemur license is missing an animal.

"There was no one permitted in the area to house this guy, and he had no identification marks either," Tonja Candelaria of the Sacramento Zoo told KTXL-TV. "He's doing really well, except for his social behaviors."