A Lego-loving YouTuber followed instructions posted online to build a more than 6,000-piece "Star Wars" AT-AT in 26 hours and posted time-lapse footage online.

Charlie of the BrickVault channel stars in the YouTube video and spends 26 hours building the AT-AT walker from instructions posted online by custom Lego builder Peter Brookdale.

The BrickVault team said it took thousands of dollars to procure all of the supplies from website BrickLink, far more than the $218.99 price tag for Lego's official 1,137-piece AT-AT kit.

Charlie attempts the first several hours of building on his own, but eventually brings in help from other members of the BrickVault team.

"Putting this thing up on its legs is extremely difficult and scary," Charlie quips after regarding the finished product.

"The model itself is amazing, it's so much bigger than I thought it would be when I started building it," he says.