A 25-year-old nun from Sicily wowed the audience of Italy's The Voice, and brought one tattooed rapper to tears. A YouTube video from the reality singing competition has now gone viral.

Sister Cristina Scuccia, in full habit, delivered a powerful and energetic rendition of Alicia Keys' "No One."

Her fans included several nuns who clapped excitedly from the stage wing, even jumping up and down during the young nun's electric performance.

When asked what brought her to the show, Sr. Cristina responded "I have a gift and I am giving it to you. Shouldn't things be this way?"

Italian rapper J-Axx seemed most touched by her performance, wiping tears from his eyes and praising her voice. Her Sunday singing at church, the tattooed rapper said, "could pay taxes by the donations" and "If I had met you during the Mass when I was a child, now I would be Pope! I would surely have attended all the functions."

Another judge wondered how the Vatican had responded to her decision to appear on The Voice.

"Listen, I really don't know," Sr. Cristina admitted, joking that "I am waiting for Pope Francesco to call me on the phone." Of her decision to sing on the show, she explained, "He always says we should go out an evangelize, telling God doesn't take anything away from us but will give us more. I am here for this."