A fraternity at Yale University in Connecticut is facing scrutiny from its board of directors after pledges were made to chant obscenities on campus.

Doug Lanpher, executive director for the Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity, said the Yale chapter was asked to suspend all pledge activities after pledges were made to march around campus chanting obscene slogans including the topics of necrophilia and anal sex, The Hartford (Conn.) Courant reported

Lanpher said he plans to fly to Connecticut during the weekend to address the leaders of the Yale chapter.

He said the incident marks the first "time I've ever faced anything like this. We don't really have a playbook to go by."

The executive director said he had spoken to the chapter leaders and "they knew immediately that it was a bad decision and they regret it. The guys from the chapter have been very cooperative, understanding."

Dean Mary Miller said she was "outraged" by the incident. However, she said all disciplinary actions at Yale are kept strictly confidential.