Police in Pennsylvania said two women were unable to stop a purse snatcher but they were able to use a cane to dent his getaway vehicle.

Investigators said Jerry Lee Brown Jr., 27, allegedly grabbed a purse from a woman in a parking lot at Neshannock Village in New Castle June 24 and a woman with the victim attempted to strike him with a cane, the New Castle News reported Thursday.

Brown escaped in a car with a dark-haired woman and two small children, police said, but the woman accompanying the alleged victim was able to dent the vehicle with her cane.

Police said they received a tip the suspects they were seeking may have been Brown and Tatiana Marie Vargas, 21, who were suspects in a similar incident.

The pair, and a silver Dodge Stratus with dents police believed to be from the woman's cane, were located Sunday.

Brown was charged with two felony counts of robbery, misdemeanor counts of theft and receiving stolen property and a summary count of harassment.

Vargas was charged with two felony counts of conspiracy/robbery, misdemeanor counts of conspiracy/theft and conspiracy/receiving stolen property and a summary count of conspiracy/harassment.