A 66-year-old woman who said she has nothing to lose because of terminal cancer tackled an alleged female bank robber in Florida, police said.

Renee Lee Green, 32, ended up in the Broward County Jail, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported. She was arrested at the Bank of America branch in Oakland Park.

Green allegedly told police the robbery attempt Friday was just an April Fool's joke, WTVJ-TV in Miami reported. Witnesses said she claimed to have a gun, told customers and employees to get down on the floor and then demanded $10,000.

Helen Dunsford's response was to tackle Green.

"She got on my last nerve," Dunsford told the TV station. "I have cancer, stage 4, and I figured if I'm gonna die it's God will when I die. She's not gonna shoot me."

Mike Jachles, a spokesman for the Broward County Sheriff's Office, said Dunsford held Green until police got to the bank, the Sun Sentinel said. While Jachles described Dunsford as "selfless and brave," he advised other members of the public to focus on what they are witnessing and leave catching robbers to the police.