A Wisconsin man who lost his class ring while studying in Europe in 1977 said he was shocked to discover the ring was in the possession of an Australian woman more than 40 years later.

Kevin Kinney of Fox Point said he was traveling across Europe by train in 1977 when he noticed his Hayward High School class ring was missing.

"I left the compartment I was sitting in, was walking down the train and looked down at my hand. Oh my gosh, my ring's gone," Kinney told WISN-TV.

There was no sign of the lost ring until late November 2019, when he received an email from a woman in Australia.

The woman had posted a photo of Kinney's ring in a Class Rings Lost and Found group on Facebook, and an amateur sleuth had tracked down a Hayward High yearbook and suspected the "KK" inscription stood for Kevin Kinney.

The woman said her grandfather found the ring inside a pair of gloves he bought from a flea market in Athens, Greece, in the 1980s.

Kinney said he "started laughing" when he saw the woman's photo of his long-lost ring.

"Pretty big world, but it's pretty small too, isn't it?" Kinney said.