Animal rescuers responded to a Wales neighborhood where residents found a hedgehog wedged under a fence after apparently attempting to squeeze under the barrier.

The RSPCA said Tasha Jack and her 9-year-old son, Jack, first spotted the hedgehog on the street near their home in the Beechleigh Close area of Cwmbran while they were out for a walk.

The family said they went to check on the animal a little while later and found the hedgehog had gotten itself into a bit of a predicament.

"To our surprise, we found him jammed underneath a nearby fence," Jack said.

RSPCA Cymru Officer Christine McNeil responded to the scene and determined the hedgehog was tightly wedged into the gap and was unable to move, even when she used some soap to try to help it slip free.

McNeil made contact with the owner of the fence, who agreed to unscrew the panel over the animal so it could be pulled free.

"The animal was understandably very panicked after the ordeal and has been taken to a specialist care center for rehabilitation before we plan to release him back to the wild," McNeil said.