A South Dakota woman who lost her wedding ring while working at her popcorn business said the ring found its way back to her about a month later.

Sherry Neuharth, owner of Craizy Daisy's Popcorn in Yankton, said she had finished a day of bagging seven large batches of caramel corn the weekend before Thanksgiving when she realized her wedding ring was missing from her finger.

Neuharth said she searched through all the leftovers from her day's work, but there was no sign of the ring.

She spread word among customers that anyone who found and returned her ring would be awarded a year of free popcorn, but no one reported finding the item.

Neuharth said she was concerned because of the caramel corn had been given to a local pastor, who distributed it to local homeless people, and Christ the King Christian school for a Christmas party.

She said it was after the Christmas party when the school's secretary spotted something shiny in a bowl of leftover popcorn.

The secretary gave the ring to the pastor, who returned it to Neuharth.