A New Jersey woman said her husband has taken pictures of her in her wedding dress in locations around the world and is now collecting them into a book.

Jennifer Salvage, who has been married to Jeff Salvage for three years, has been photographed standing in her wedding dress in locations including Las Vegas, China, New Zealand and the Alps, the Philadelphia Daily News reported Wednesday.

The Medford couple said the project began at their wedding on Easter Island.

Jeff Salvage, who travels as a national trekking trainer for the Arthritis Society of Canada, said he is collecting the pictures in a book titled "One Dress, One Woman, One World."

"If you go as a tourist, it's one thing," Jeff Salvage said of traveling with his wife. "But to pull off these photo shoots, you need to interact with these people in a different way. We get a better understanding of the country because of the project that we're working on."