A web series host attempted to break three Guinness World Records and ended up tying the record for most lit candles in the mouth.

Will Tilghman, a comedian, Vice Media producer and host of the webseries I Tried, attempted three records for an episode of the online show.

Tilghman said he studied the work of serial record breakers David Rush and Ashrita Furman, and spoke with Furman on the phone before trying his trio of records.

The host began by attempting the record for most teabags thrown into mugs in 30 seconds, but he only managed to make two of the throws, falling short of the record of 7.

Tilghman then attempted the record for fastest time to eat a raw onion, which stood at 29.56 seconds, but ended up needing 4 minutes, 55 seconds to finish the vegetable.

The first attempt at his third record, most lit candles in the mouth, was cut short due to the intense heat, but on his second attempt he matched Rush's record of 100 lit candles.

Tilghman said he would have taken the record completely, but one of his candles did not light due to wax covering the wick.

The host received a certificate for tying the record. He said he is planning another attempt to beat the record in the near future, as well as an attempt at the record for most cans hit with a slingshot in one minute.

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"It feels incredible, and I am going to tell people about it forever," Tilghman told Guinness of tying the record.

"I was always fascinated by the concept that someone could be the world's best at one feat, and I definitely have that feeling now that I have the world record, even if it is a tie.

"I filmed the record attempts four months ago now, and I still get a satisfied rush showing people my record plaque. I love that record plaque, and I want it buried with me at my funeral," he said.