Why choose between reality dating series and pregnancy reality shows when you could have both in one? That's apparently the premise behind WE tv's new Pregnant & Dating reality series.

Pregnant & Dating, which will premiere Saturday, June 1 at 9PM ET/PT, will star five women looking to find love while expecting.

The new series will follow Kiesha, Megan, Melissa, Rachel, and Shana as they go on the prowl to find a partner who isn't scared off by the idea of becoming a potential father figure within nine months.

During each hour-long episode, "drama, conflict and inherent comedy" will ensue, according to the network. Some of the "spirited" moms-to-be will have support systems during their "quest to find Mr. Right," while others have yet to even share their pregnancy news.

Pregnant & Dating is being produced by GRB Entertainment with Gary R. Benz, Michael Branton, Tracy Mazure, and Annabelle McDonald serving as executive producers.

Below is a brief description of each of the five ladies who will be starring in Pregnant & Dating:

- Kiesha is an R&B producer from Los Angeles, CA, and her child's father is just a friend who's unaware she's expecting his baby.

- Megan is a nail technician from Orange County, CA, who found herself "with child" after drinking too much tequila. The father hopes to be involved in the baby's life but she's against the idea.

- Melissa is a celebrity stylist in LA who loves her baby bump and has always wanted to be a mom to the point where she had once attempted artificial insemination. Her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, however, is traveling with another woman and won't be present for their child's birth.

- Rachel is a television producer in LA who's pregnant with twins by her much younger ex-boyfriend.

- Shana is a model and three-time Miss Hawaiian Tropic winner from North Carolina who's pregnant at the same time as her two married best friends. The trio will work together to find Shana a guy.