Nintendo is set to lift the curtain on a number of titles coming to its Switch console during its annual E3 presentation.

As Nintendo has done in the past, in lieu of hosting a more traditional E3 press conference, it will be live-streaming a pre-recorded video presentation known as a Nintendo Direct for their fans.

The Nintendo Direct will air Tuesday at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET.

Nintendo has already confirmed that the next entry in their popular Super Smash Bros. series for the Switch will be showcased during the presentation.

Other titles likely to appear include Yoshi Switch and Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu Version and Pokemon Let's Go! Eevee Version.

Pokemon Let's Go was recently announced for the first time in May. The game takes place in the Kanto region and includes all 151 original Pokemon including their Alolan forms as seen in Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS.

Following the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo will be demoing a number of upcoming games as part of its live-streamed Nintendo Treehouse series.