A mother who tried to persuade a baby sitter to accept "free ice cream" and "fun" instead of $128 ended up paying when her text messages went viral.

Reddit user VortexThing posted a series of screenshots to the site showing a conversation her sister, identified only as Kristen, had with mother after a day of baby-sitting.

The messages show Kristen asking for payment and the mother responding by claiming she had never agreed to pay the sitter.

"I wasn't aware payment was involved," the mother wrote. "You got free ice cream and a day of fun... I'm sorry for the misinterpretation."

Kristen sent the woman screenshots of their earlier text conversation, where the mother had agreed to pay $16 an hour, but she responded by calling the sitter "stuck up" and offering her only $20.

The baby sitter insisted on the full $128 amount, leading the mother to call her "stuck up" a second time, as well as use profanity.

The Redditor said the mother then blocked her sister's number, ending the conversation, but later updated the thread saying she and her sister had contacted the children's father on the advice of fellow redditors and threatened to take the situation to small claims court.

The father was initially evasive, but eventually responded to their messages after the Reddit post went viral and ended up making the national news, VortexThing wrote. Her final update on the post said the situation was "resolved" with "$128 in hand."