Vince Vaughn expertly beat Jimmy Fallon at his own game during a tense round of Box of Lies during "The Tonight Show."

"The Internship" star put on his best poker face Thursday night to play the game of deception with Fallon, and won by simply telling the truth.

"You guys know I like to accommodate the audience," Vaughn said at the beginning of the segment, "but tonight it's personal."

During the game, each player takes turns selecting a numbered box from a set of shelves nearby and either remain truthful or lie about what's inside. It is the opponent's responsibility to either accept the description as truth or falsehood.

Vaughn commenced the round by unboxing a bowl of crayons consisting of a Hulk action figure and described to Fallon exactly what it was. The Tonight Show host thought the Wedding Crasher star was lying, and so gave his opponent a point.

The game ended with Fallon lying about his jellybean taco shell, instead saying his box consisted of a ruler made out of a celery stick.

After Fallon fell to the ground in defeat, Vaughn helped him stand up and said, "He's still the champ."