Actor Victor Garber said at a California awards show that his former "Alias" co-star, actress Jennifer Garner, is "beautiful" while pregnant.

Garber, who played the father of Garner's character on "Alias," said at the Fourth Annual Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network Respect Awards Friday that Garner is becoming more beautiful as the due date for her second child approaches, People magazine said.

"She's with child and she's never been more beautiful," Garber said at Friday's event in Beverly Hills, Calif.

"She's wonderful. She's probably the best mother I've ever witnessed."

Garber also said he had no doubts the Hollywood actress would be able to handle a second child, who will join her 2-year-old daughter Violet in her family with her husband, actor Ben Affleck.

"It's her second child," Garber told People. "She knows what to do."