Domestic diva Martha Stewart says she hates her electronic ankle bracelet and adds jokingly she learned how to dismantle it from the Internet.

Stewart, who has to wear the monitoring device until next month, told Vanity Fair one cannot get used to the ankle bracelet because it hurts.

A spokeswoman said Stewart would never consider removing the device. A probation officer said there is no way the anklet can come off without alerting authorities.

Stewart said in some ways her five-month stint at the federal prison in Alderson, W. Va., where she was nicknamed "M. Diddy" by fellow prisoners, was lot better than her current five-month-long house arrest, the New York Daily News reported.

Home confinement at her luxurious Bedford, N.Y. estate wearing the electronic bracelet is "hideous" by comparison, she said in the Vanity Fair interview. The confinement ends next month.

Stewart said she used her prison time to read novels, learn Spanish, and spearhead the prison's Christmas decorating effort. She was convicted in March 2004 of obstruction of justice and lying to the government about the sale of her shares in ImClone Systems Inc.