A 58-year-old, out-of-work grandmother got several leads after taking to the streets of Memphis to shout her need for a job.

"Job wanted! Ready to work hard for you! Resumes here!" read the poster Denise Caccamisi flashed to oncoming traffic Wednesday in Midtown Memphis.

Caccamisi said she applied for more than 200 jobs this year and each time was ignored or passed over for younger, more-educated applicants. She's been living with friends since Nov. 1 after losing her part-time job as a receptionist in a dental office, The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal reported Thursday.

To work the streets, as it were, Caccamisi dressed Wednesday in a black pantsuit, a zebra-lined coat and diamond-studded glasses.

"I might not have a college education, but I've got street smarts, business sense and I'm a go-getter," she told The Commercial Appeal.

By day's end, she had an interview with Shelby County Commissioner George Flinn, who said he was impressed with her gumption and needed an assistant.

"It's out-of-the-box thinking and we need more of that in the world," Flinn said.