An English man has set out to show his admiration for American hip-hop artist Kanye West by starting a petition to name a local train station after him.

Mark Kliner posted the petition to, seeking online signatures to encourage local government to change the name of England's Canterbury West Station to "Kanye West Station."

"Sadly, Kanye (wealth be upon him) has not always been afforded the respect he deserves," Kliner wrote. "But we can show our appreciation in other ways, and what better start than renaming Canterbury West Station to Kanye West Station?"

Support for Kliner's petition was sparse in the beginning, garnering only 19 signatures after it was initially posted in March 2015.

The campaign gained more traction recently, accumulating over 1,500 signatures since the end of November.

Kliner's hope is that this petition will eventually cause the city of Canterbury as a whole to be renamed in reverence of West.

"Visitors can come and go via Kanye West Station and Kanye East Station, pilgrims can flock to Kanye Cathedral to pay homage to the great man, and the sick and the injured can be healed at Kent and Kanye Hospital," he wrote.

While Kliner would also like to see West's wife Kim Kardashian's name alongside his on the hospital, he admitted that they may be "a step too far" for some residents.