Actress Ana Ortiz, who plays the older sister to America Ferrera's character on "Ugly Betty," was married to musician Noah Lebenzon in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

The couple, who were married in a ceremony at the Horned Dorset Primavera Hotel in Rincon, Puerto Rico, have been dating since 2004, People magazine reported.

The wedding was attended by 85 guests, which included "Ugly Betty" cast members Ferrera, Ashley Jensen and Mark Indelicato.

"The wedding was spectacular," said Lebenzon's aunt, Lisa Blades, who owns the event company In Any Event, which served as the couple's wedding planner. "With Ana's work load and the success and craziness that come with a hit TV show, I think that Noah has been a great stabilizing force in her life. Committing to each other in marriage is calming for both of them."

Ortiz, 36, and Lebenzon, 37, also held a joint bachelor and bachelorette party at Tao in Las Vegas, Nev., May 24.