Officials at a British railway station said they erected "No Kissing" signs to stop lovers saying their romantic farewells from holding up commuters.

Colin Daniels, chief executive of Warrington Chamber of Commerce in England, said the signs were put up at the Warrington Bank Quay station as part of the facility's recent refurbishment after managers complained that amorous encounters were blocking foot traffic at the station, The Daily Mail reported Monday.

"It was all a bit of fun. But now Virgin Trains have agreed to put them up as part of the refurbishment," he said. "They may seem frivolous but there is a serious message underneath. They certainly make our station unique."

Managers at the station said amorous couples sharing passionate farewells or joyous reunions will have to keep their lip-locking limited to designated kissing areas.

Commuters offered mixed opinions of the new signs.

"Someone in an office somewhere must have a good sense of humor," train rider John Finney, 29, told The Daily Mail. "We're law-abiding citizens, though, so of course we won't be breaking the rules."

Amy Swain, 21, said she thinks the signs are "good" but she expressed doubts about their effectiveness.

"I don't think it'll stop people," she said to the newspaper.