The California Highway Patrol said a traffic jam on a busy stretch of highway was caused by a pair of goats running loose in the roadway.

The CHP said troopers were dispatched Monday afternoon when a pair of goats were reported blocking traffic on Highway 17 in Santa Cruz.

CHP Officer Sam Courtney said the goats had been captured by concerned witnesses by the time troopers arrived and were tied to a guardrail at the side of the highway.

"They just pulled over, took a rope and were able to capture the goats," Courtney told the Los Angeles Times.

Courtney said it took about 15 minutes for the bystanders to catch the goats, but traffic remained backed up for about a mile.

"Residual traffic was people slowing down to see the goats, who by the way were very friendly," Courtney said.

The CHP is now trying to find out where the goats came from and, if possible, return them to their owner.