Tori Spelling claims commercials for Tori & Dean's fifth season that show her fighting with husband Dean McDermott are a sign that they're a normal couple -- not on the verge of divorce.

"We're not headed for divorce. We're committed to each other, we're committed to this family," said Spelling during a Monday appearance on NBC's Today show.  "But you know, we work on things just like everyone else."

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood's third season, the fifth overall edition of Oxygen's Tori & Dean reality series, will premiere tonight at 10PM ET/PT.

While the new season will continue to follow the family in their everyday life and feature footage from the first ever Spelling-McDermott cross-country family road trip -- including Spelling stating that she feels McDermott has become "more and more unhappy and angry" and the she misses the way he used to be.

"We're just like any other couple. We have our fights. We have our ups and downs. It's a real relationship," said Spelling on Today.

"Some issues have come up this season, and the cameras were there to catch it. And I'm happy to put that out there to my fans, because we're a normal, relatable couple. We're not perfect, and things happen."

In addition, Spelling said it's tough to balance having a family and being a television fixture.

"I know show business has been my life, and I love doing it," she said on Today. "But I have this other side that wants to be the soccer mom and wants to live in a small town and take my kids in the carpool and be at home and cook dinner every night... I kind of wish I had both, that I could balance both."

Spelling and McDermott wed in May 2006 and have two children -- 3-year-old son Liam and 22-month-old daughter Stella.