Tim Gunn feels Project Runway's return to the west coast is no longer in the cards.

The fashion guru said that Project Runway's sixth season was most likely the first and last installment to film in Los Angeles instead of New York City, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Monday.

"Oh, that dreaded season six will never leave us alone!" said Gunn while speaking at Georgia State University, according to the Journal-Constitution.

"At first, I defended the show's qualities. Then I realized I was swimming against the tide... You barely see [regular judges] Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. I also say I do believe there's something about the slower pace of Los Angeles. The very different fashion scene and sensibility and that impacted the designers. We're in many ways a gauge of our environment. I noticed immediately when we taped season seven [the current season,] there was more energy, more vitality."

While Project Runway's first five editions filmed in New York City, last year's sixth season -- the first to air on Lifetime following the network's acquisition of the show -- was shot in Los Angeles to accommodate host Heidi Klum's schedule. 

The seventh season -- which premiered last month -- returned to New York, which made Gunn, Kors and Project Runway purists happy.  However Klum subsequently stated a return to Los Angeles was already in the works.

"We like to change it up, we like to go back and fourth," she said at the time. "So, the [eighth season] will probably be back in L.A. again."

While Gunn stated that Lifetime's original plan was to alternate between New York and Los Angeles, he now thinks the plan is to remain in the Big Apple, according to the Journal-Constitution.

Despite the unpopular decision to film in L.A., Gunn said he is glad that Lifetime has not been involved with Project Runway's elimination process, according to the Journal-Constitution, which added the fashion guru claimed Bravo "meddled" with which contestant was booted during its fifth and final season on the network.
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.