Upon meeting the 20 guys who would be vying for her affection on VH1's I Love New York, Tiffany "New York" Pollard claimed that she could tell instantly that her "king" was present in the group.  Apparently she was right, she just can't say who it is yet.

Filming finished last fall and the I Love New York finale isn't scheduled to air until early April, so unable to be with her beau, New York has been forced into a less intimate relationship than what she would probably like.

"We talk on our cell phones and send each other pictures.  Dirty pictures.  That's how we're keeping the relationship spicy," New York told The New York Post in a report published in Friday's edition.

Unlike Flava Flav -- the man who spurned her twice on Flavor of Love -- New York even said she is "so in love" with the suitor who wins I Love New York, she "would consider marrying [him] one day."

"That's the M-word," she told The Post.  "Something like that is not gonna happen until I'm a lot older and grayer." 

New York says she's also open to the idea -- should her I Love New York winner also agree to it -- of continuing her reality adventures via a My Fair Brady-like reality series.  "I would want him to be comfortable," New York told The Post.  "But I'd encourage him to say yes."

Despite having a boatload of attention heaped upon her during I Love New York, she actually said she preferred appearing on Flavor of Love because she "liked competing with the other girls on the show."

"I've always been fabulous, I've always been over the top, I've always marched to my own beat," New York told The Post.  "That's something I think is important for people to know. I'm always asked if New York and Tiffany are the same person, if this is all an act, and the answer is absolutely. I grew up this way, contact my friends and family, they'll tell you some stories, 'cause I don't play - I keep it real."

Currently appearing on her third reality series, New York said she is frequently recognized on the street, even by young children.

"[Children] have tears in their eyes.  Some of them cry and their moms and dads have to pull them away. When this happens, I'm thinking to myself. 'Oh they're watching the show, maybe I shouldn't have done this [outrageous behavior] when little 7-year-old Johnny was tuning in!," she told The Post.  "My show is not garbage, it's well-rounded, and if the kids are watching it then the parents are watching it and if something risque happens, I hope they're there to kind of explain not to do it."

Six suitors remain on VH1's I Love New York, which airs Mondays at 9PM ET/PT.