The five remaining guys on VH1's I Love New York received a surprise visit from their ex-girlfriends during Monday night's episode before Tiffany "New York" Pollard sent another packing in her quest to find the right man.

12 Pack -- a buff personal trainer who showed an affinity for drinking while on the reality competition series -- was eliminated during I Love New York's seventh episode, leaving only four guys remaining to fight for New York's affection.  Similar to the beginning of several episodes, Monday night's broadcast of I Love New York began with 12 Pack pumping iron and shooting his mouth off.

"My confidence level is getting higher and higher," said 12 Pack.  "[New York] did tell me I was the best looking person in the house."

After 12 Pack finished bragging about himself, New York informed the guys she had a "big surprise" for them, as she had enlisted the help of some women who "know the guys the best," their ex-girlfriends.  Upon seeing his ex, Tango thought "this is the end for me right now," while New York wondered "what the hell he was doing with her."  New York thought Real's ex was the "cutest one," but also acknowledged it looked like there was still something between them.  White Boy got off the easiest when his sister showed up instead of an ex, which led New York to believe he was hiding something.  When  Chance's ex came out, 12 Pack's said he was "sweating his balls off" about his ex' appearance.

"What the hell is she doing here?" asked 12 Pack.  "I'm s***ing my pants and expecting the worse."

After the ex's initial appearances, all of the girls went to a spa for a day of pampering so that New York could get "all the dirt" on her five remaining suitors.  "To be honest, you can't dig no deeper than a man's ex-girlfriend," said Tango.  "That scared the crap out of me." 

As New York "popped some champagne to loosen the girls corks," she learned all sort of things about her men.  One of Tango's "attributes" is apparently his skills in the bedroom, according to his ex-girlfriend, who also revealed he's a "workaholic."  Real's ex told New York there was a "possibility" she and Real still had feelings for each other.  White Boy's sister said her brother recently got out of a five-year relationship, which "concerned" New York.  Meanwhile her mother, Sister Patterson, asked Chance's ex if he "gets high."  When his ex said smoking marijuana is part of the music industry's "culture," that was all Patterson needed.

"Chance needs that fix.  He needs the dope," said Patterson.  "He's not good enough for my daughter."  But the best revelations came from 12 Pack's ex, who claimed her parents thought 12 Pack was gay, something Patterson had been thinking since the beginning of the series.  His ex backed this up by alleging 12 Pack even worked at a gay bar called Feathers. Feeling she had all the dirt she needed, New York took the girls back to the house for a night of "dinner, cocktails and conflict."

When the girls got back to the house, Chance was drunk, Real didn't know what the hell was going to happen, 12 Pack knew he was going to get it handed to him, and Tango was scared of the skeletons in his closet.  "Anything you guys want to tell me or confess to before we get started?" asked New York.  Already carrying a look of guilt, 12 Pack confessed he had a relationship with a girl only four weeks before I Love New York began filming, but it ended when he decided to appear on the series.  While New York thanked him for being up front, the news "didn't sit to well" with her... so she mentioned Feathers.

"I will explain that.  I have no shame," said 12 Pack, who added he made $27 an hour to work for a friend who was promoting the gay bar. He said he only worked at Feathers twice and "made $95 in 15 minutes." 

"Damn man.  I don't think New York took that too well," said White Boy of 12 Pack's news.  However New York turned the tables on White Boy, saying it was "news" to her that he had been in such a lengthy relationship.  New York said she wished the news had come from White Boy instead of his sister, and described him as a "mystery," adding " you shouldn't deal with what you know nothing about."  Tango said he no longer solely focuses on work, as he's "grown," and added there is no longer a romantic aspect to his relationship with his ex.

"I don't really believe him," said New York of Tango.  "He's just feeding me what he thinks I want to hear."  Real said while he has feelings for New York, his feeling for his ex "don't go away overnight."  New York then teased Chance about being drunk and said she heard mostly "great things" about him, but asked about how he can be "too possessive."
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"I was too busy with my boys and she was too busy with her toys," said Chance of his relationship with his ex.  Commented New York, "[Chance] is nuts, crazy, psychotic and talks before he speaks.  We have a lot in common.  That's why I love Chance."

New York eventually grew jealous over the amount of attention Tango was paying to his ex.  "Tango should see no other women but New York," she said.  Meanwhile 12 Pack seemed to seal his fate when New York overheard him talking to his ex.

"[I Love New York] is going to be a big hit in America," said 12 Pack.  "I'm gonna be big time.  I can get any job I want."  Said a disgusted New York, "I didn't like that.  Not at all."

Tango then "bounced" from the party when New York taunted him by asking why he wasn't talking to his "girlfriend."  As the ex-girlfriends prepared to leave, she noticed he was missing, and went upstairs to find him packing.  "I want to go [home] because you're ignoring me and you're trying to make me look like a fool," said Tango.  As you can imagine, this didn't sit too well with New York.

"If you want to leave me, leave me!" shouted New York at Tango.   "What the f**k did I do to you to make you want to leave tonight?"  She went on to say Tango is "faker than pleather," that she "hates him," and even turned his picture around in her bedroom to symbolize how he's "dead" to her.  "His ass wants to leave... I'm gonna let him.  I have four fantastic men left," said New York.  A perplexed Tango reiterated he's not interested in his ex, and raised the point that New York is the one that invited her back into his life.  "[New York] doesn't want me... f**k her," said Tango, who added if she can't respect him he's going to leave.

"Only a man I have feelings for can get me this upset, so I want to talk to him," said New York once she calmed down.  After apologizing to Tango for "flipping out," he said, "Just when I think New York has done a successful job of completely pushing me away, she shifts gears and pulls me back in."

With that unpleasant drama behind them, a drunk White Boy and Chance woke 12 Pack from his alcohol-fueled slumber to confront him about his sexuality.  Chance insisted 12 Pack was gay, asking him to "be honest with your boys."  12 Pack's answer:  "Don't make me get the f**k up and beat the f**k out of both of you."  When Chance persisted, calling 12 Pack "a fruity pebble motherf***er," the personal trainer actually got out of bed, chasing Chance and White Boy away.

The next morning, Patterson eagerly awaited her opportunity to pick the suitor who would get a date with her daughter.  Not surprising, Patterson picked Real, but New York still thought he had feelings for his ex-girlfriend, so she took his brother Chance on the date. 

New York took Chance to a cooking school, where they rolled asparagus in cheese and prosciuto.  While New York described it as a "big turn on" to see Chance cook, the instructor realized he  "had the technique" and was tightly rolling the asparagus in the cheese and prosciuto like he "had done it before."  Chance and New York then enjoyed the dinner they made together.  After a make-out session, she presented him with a gift:  a pair of diamond earrings.

"He was just off his ass," said New York.  "Chance is special to me.  That's why I got him those earrings."  When they returned to the house, Tango noticed the gift.  "I'm jealous and pissed at Chance," he said.  "He came back with a real fly gift... but I can't let the other guys see me sweat."

As New York and Patterson tried to make a decision on who would be eliminated, she came clean and told her mom she took Chance instead of Real on the date.  At the elimination, White Boy, Real and Chance were the first three to learn they were safe.  As Chance walked by Patterson, she told him, "Don't be smoking refer in this house."  Chance answered, "No, no.  I sure won't... not even around the house." 

"What the hell am I doing in the bottom two?  I cannot lose to 12 Pack," opined Tango.  12 Pack took a different approach.  "This straight up sucks right now," he said.  "Just give me my chain so I can go back and start drinking again."  New York revealed she was choosing Tango because 12 Pack "had too many secrets" and she was unsure if he was actually on the series for her.  Despite almost being eliminated, Tango still threw his two cents in and said he wanted to see White Boy packing.  12 Pack didn't seem to mind New York's decision.

"The reason I came out here is I'm an actor.  I want to be in-front of the cameras," he said, making sure nobody feels bad for him.  "My ex-girlfriend was looking good... I'm gonna go home and bang the f**k out of her."

I Love New York will continue on Monday, March 12 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.  In the first episode, Ace, Jersey, T-Bone, T-Money and Wood left; Romance, Token and Trendz were eliminated in the second episode; Bonez, Tweed and Pootie went home in the third episode; Heat and Onix were sent packing in the fourth; Rico was shipped out in the fifth; and Boston got the boot in the sixth.  The four remaining guys are Chance, Real, Tango and White Boy.