The seven remaining suitors on VH1's I Love New York demonstrated their skills on the basketball court and then boxed each other out for some alone time with Tiffany "New York" Pollard before she sent another guy packing.

Rico -- a sales associate who never received the opportunity to go on a date with the two-time Flavor of Love contestant -- was eliminated during I Love New York's fifth episode on Monday night, leaving six guys remaining in the house.  The episode began with 12 Pack playing personal trainer for Boston, who commented that he's a "gazelle" while "the other guys in the house are lions."

"When I train someone, I want them to look great like me," said 12 Pack.  "But training Boston is like training my sister."

The guys then learned what their challenge would be, as New York informed them she was looking for a "true all-star" and would be testing their skills on a basketball court at Venice Beach.  While Tango led some drills for the guys, who thought they'd be working together as a team, Boston expressed concern that he wouldn't be able to contribute anything.  However New York told them they'd be playing some one-on-one hoops against WNBA guard Tamara Moore.  If the suitor was able to score a basket on Moore before she scored on them, they moved to the "winners circle" for the chance to win a date with New York.

"I noticed the guys have pretty big egos," said New York.  "[Moore is going to] kick their asses on the court."

Despite his "trophies at home," Chance was the first to be defeated by Moore, lamenting "it sucks being beat by a girl."  After making fun of 12 Pack's dribbling skills, Moore easily stole the ball from him and scored.  Real showed some tough defensive skills, but eventually gave up a bucket to Moore.  Whiteboy was the first to take her down, pulling up for a jumper he drained off the backboard.  Tango claimed to have hurt his shoulder while losing to Moore, and said he was in "excruciating pain."  New York commented "Boston played damn well for a geek" -- and she was right -- but he still couldn't defeat Moore.

Rico also ended up being able to score on Moore, setting up a one-on-one match-up with White Boy to determine who would get the date with New York.  However once the game started, it wasn't even a contest, as White Boy hit two straight pull-up jumpers before going behind the back to lay in the clincher.  "I'm disappointed," said Rico.  "I've never had a date [with New York] before."

As New York and White Boy enjoyed dinner, she announced she had something "extra special" for him, and presented him with a designer watch.  While New York couldn't "deny the chemistry" between the two, she didn't have very flattering things to say about his kissing, but all in all she summed the evening up as an "incredible date."  White Boy said he had a "clear mind" after the date because he didn't have to "worry about the stuff in the house."  But when he and New York returned, 12 Pack and Real had planned something special and greeted her wearing tuxes.

"I'm like damn man... don't step on my toes," said White Boy upon seeing the two.  But he ultimately decided to "get out of the way" and let Real and 12 Pack woo New York.  After New York was led upstairs by Real and 12 Pack -- who covered the floor with rose pedals -- they treated her to a bubble bath, complete with a massage and bath oils.  "It was impressive that they went the whole nine yards.  Just the way New York likes it," she said.

While 12 Pack was rubbing New York's pelvic area -- causing her to moan and groan -- Tango returned from the hospital with his shoulder in a sling.  He said he was "hella jealous" at the time Real and 12 Pack were getting with New York, but she was happy Tango was "able to show pain."  Boston -- who said he hoped New York was "getting tired of these cheeseballs" -- decided to fix her a midnight snack, which she anticipated eating eagerly.  Even Chance impressed her by killing a large bug in her room.  With all the guys in her good graces, Rico tried to bring her some fruit, which she said looked "disgusting," all but sealing his fate.

"You snooze you lose," said New York of Rico.

The next morning the guys had an outdoor brunch with New York and her mother, Sister Patterson, who accused the suitors of "acting like a bunch of girl scouts" as she challenged them to be themselves.  She said she knew one of the guys "totally fell in love with Ms. New York," and as she tried to call that person out, New York was attacked by a bee.  After things calmed down, Tango said he wanted to speak to New York in private.  White Boy was visibly aggravated at Tango's request.  "I'm not losing this, especially to you," Tango told White Boy as New York put the situation in perspective.
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"I hope these guys aren't losing focus," she said.  "I'm looking for love."

While Real also thought Tango's cursing was "disrespectful," Patterson ironically thought it was "real."  As Tango was outside collecting his thoughts, New York appeared on the balcony above, leading Tango to make the obvious comparison to Romeo and Juliet.  Tango told New York all he wants is the opportunity "give her happiness."

"Flav... he screwed me over!" said New York, referring to Flava Flav, who spurned her twice.  "I don't know if it's quite time to let someone else in."  She also commented that she found it "disturbing" that Tango could fall in love "so deep so early."

As the guys gathered for elimination, none of them were feeling very comfortable.  "I'm nervous as hell," said Boston, who quickly realized if he got eliminated he would "no longer be in the house with a bunch of thugs."  But he'd get at least a few more days in the house, as New York revealed she was eliminating Rico, which Tango "considered a wake-up call."  New York compared Rico to a "young boy," and he called her decision "crap" as he left the house.

"Buck up!  This is not a Romper Room so show me what you got!" Patterson yelled at the remaining suitors.

I Love New York will continue on Monday, February 19 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.  In the first episode, Ace, Jersey, T-Bone, T-Money and Wood left; while Romance, Token and Trendz were eliminated in the second episode; Bonez, Tweed and Pootie went home in the third episode; and Heat and Onix were sent packing in the fourth.  The six remaining guys are 12 Pack, Boston, Chance, Real, Tango and White Boy.