One by one over the past four years, three educated sisters in India have wed their servant, believing he is holy and will miraculously bring them wealth.

Sobha Patel, 25, who holds a masters degree in history, her sister, Pinky, 23, who holds a bachelor's degree, and Rina, 18, who passed her "plus II," married Kishan Soni, 32, their illiterate employee, believing him to be an incarnation of Krishna, The Telegraph reported Saturday. All three women are from Ranipur, on the outskirts of Chitrakoot, the Calcutta newspaper said.

"We are married to a modern god and all of us want children by him. Why should that bother outsiders? This is our private matter," Sobha told The Telegraph.

The sisters' father, wealthy farmer-businessman Santosh Singh Patel, 62, agrees his son-in-law is Lord Krishna. The father says if the third marriage doesn't bring the treasure chest Kishan foretold, he is prepared to marry off his two remaining daughters, now 14 and 15, to him, even though the fortune teller's tale has changed over time.

A local police officer said he could not start a polygamy case unless someone files a complaint.