Police in Vaughan, Canada arrested three men for stealing a tractor trailer full of cheese.

Harpreet Singh, Saurav Kumar and Kulvir Bains ages 36, 19 and 31 were arrested when York Regional police responded to a call at 1:10 a.m. on Wednesday reporting attempted theft of a tractor trailer parked along Highway 7.

Officers attempted to stop the truck but ended their pursuit in favor of public safety after the driver refused to pull over.

Shortly after, police responded to a call that the tractor trailer had flipped over and began tracking the suspects.

One suspect was apprehended while fleeing in a car and the two others were found attempting to hail a cab. Andy Pattenden of York Regional police told CBC that the area is a popular target for cargo thieves.

Police are unsure what motivated the theft, but the trailer contained upwards of 30,000 pounds of cheese.

All three men face charges of theft and possession of stolen property and are scheduled to appear in front of an Ontario court.