The creators of "The Simpsons" say they have no plans to quit as the longest-running cartoon in TV history prepares to air its 350th episode.

Series creator Matt Groening and fellow Executive Producer Al Jean said, even though they are in their 16th season, they plan to go on with the irreverent and often profane show that has brought FOX TV an estimated $1 billion, E! Online reported.

The cartoon looks to pass "Dallas,""Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and "My Three Sons" on the all-time U.S. TV list this season.

That would leave "Ozzie & Harriet" as the only comedy that has made more shows, with 435. "Gunsmoke" is the overall champ with 633 episodes.

"The Simpsons", holder of the Guinness world record for longest-running cartoon, paved the way for others such as "Beavis and Butt-head,""Family Guy" and "South Park."