Ryan Belz, a contestant on "The Price is Right," won a record $31,500 while playing Plinko on the long-running game show Thursday.

Plinko challenges contestants to drop five chips, one at a time, down a zigzag maze with varying amounts located on the bottom from $0 to $10,000.

Belz, who was energetic throughout, screamed and shouted when his second chip landed in the middle for $10,000.

As the crowd cheered his name, Belz then landed a chip in the middle two more times, much to the delight of the audience.

The previous record was $30,500. Plinko first appeared on The Price is Right in January 1983.

Belz, a 23-year-old Penn State graduate from Millerton, Pa., explained to TMZ that he has been a big fan of "The Price is Right" his entire life.

"I actually scheduled my classes around it at Penn State," Belz said of watching the game show everyday.