Speidi is still together despite a promotional trailer for The Hills' upcoming sixth and final season that showed both Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt seemingly discussing the uncertainty of their marriage.

"I'm not moving out," Montag told People in a Tuesday report. "I love Spencer with all my heart."

"I love my wife more now than I ever thought I could," added Pratt.

The Hills' sixth season will premiere April 27, and in the recently-released promo Montag is seen talking about divorce and emotionally explaining to that it would be "really hard" for her to "leave" Pratt.

"I really didn't think on my year anniversary I'd be getting divorced," says Montag in another part of the promo.

While Montag -- who recently fired Pratt as her business manager -- told People that the idea of divorcing him did come up, she added she was "being dramatic".

"All that we've been through has only made us work harder at our relationship and making it better," she told People.

"We've worked through things and will continue to work on our relationship so we're the best couple we can be. We want to fall more in love with each other every day."

In addition, Montag added that she wasn't exactly thrilled with the way the scene was edited.

"I'm so excited The Hills are finally over so I won't be edited by anyone. This will be the first time people can truly see us for who we are," she explained to People.

"The Hills has told the story of struggle and of finding myself in L.A., so it's time for me to hang up all the drama like fighting and divorce talk with Spencer and become the mogul I am."