"The Exorcist" creator Jeremy Slater announced via Twitter Friday that his horror anthology series had been canceled by Fox after two seasons.

"Sorry, guys," Slater tweeted.

"I know it's easy to get angry at Fox, but the reality is that we were the lowest-rated drama on any network and they still brought us back for a second season, because they loved the show. There are no bad guys in this scenario," he wrote in another post.

"I was lucky enough to work with the greatest collection of writers, actors, artists and crew that anyone could ask for. Our amazing fans supported us every step of the way. I made lifelong friends and 20 hours of pretty good television. That's not a bad legacy at all," he added.

"At the end of the day, all I can feel is gratitude for every single member of the #ExorcistCongregation who followed us on this unbelievable adventure. I wish we could have given you a proper ending, but the characters belong to you now. You decide how their story ends," Slater's final tweet on the subject read.

Each season of the show followed two Catholic priests -- played by Ben Daniels and Alfonso Herrera -- as they helped people possessed by demons.

Season 1 co-starred Geena Davis and Alan Ruck and Season 2 featured John Cho and Alicia Witt.

The first season also served as a sequel of sorts to the 1973 classic thriller "The Exorcist."

Photo credit: The Exorcist/Fox