The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison is hinting that Zak Waddell, Desiree Hartsock's shirtless suitor with six-pack abs, is a guy to watch for this season.

"Keep an eye on Zak. I know you might've thought this guy is a d-bag, he shows up with no shirt and jumps in the pool, but I would call Zak the [Lindsay Yenter] of the season. She wore a wedding dress Night 1, it was a disaster, she was about to go home, but Zak will redeem himself and surprise people so please don't judge him by his abs," Harrison told TV Guide in an interview.

Zak is apparently only a portion of what Harrison dubbed one of the best The Bachelorette casts ever and a season that will stand out amongst the rest.

"It may be our best season ever as far as the group of people, the drama, the intrigue, the love, the roller coaster ride -- there's so much to it and it happens so early. In Episode 3, the fireworks really start and from there on it's ridiculous," Harrison explained.

Harrison also promises the ninth season will be a sexy one, which he hadn't anticipated happening before filming began.

"I was more worried about Des than I was about [Emily Maynard] as far as how sexy it would be. Would she be guarded and worried about her perception? She talked the talk early on, which they usually do, and told me, 'I'm going to be vulnerable and if I feel like kissing the guy I will.' But she delivers and in Episode 2 she's kissing guys and wearing bikinis," the host told TV Guide.

"She could not be more different than Emily. Emily had this certain flair about her, but Des is really just the girl next door, and you could put her in any city in America and she'd fit in. She's going to have the appeal that women will want to root for her and maybe empathize with her and guys will want to be with her.

In addition, Harrison insisted the best entrance of The Bachelorette's premiere on Monday night went to Ben. However, the host admitted he initially thought Ben bringing his son along on a reality dating show would backfire on him.

"Ben and his son was by far the most adorable moment of the night. By the way, as soon as he stepped out, I'm like, 'No he didn't. This is a disaster.' All the way up until the kid opened up his mouth, I thought it the worst idea ever," Harrison noted.

"Two minutes later, I was eating my words because it was the most precious moment. Also we could hear the kid's audio when he said, 'I want to stay in the party,' but we didn't have a camera on it so I'm glad we still used it. It was a huge risk, but when you saw Des eat it up, it was a homerun."