The Bachelor star Sean Lowe will apparently be looking to televise his wedding when he marries the bachelorette he had selected at the end of his reality dating journey.

"My relationship developed on TV, so it almost would make sense to marry on TV," Lowe told Life & Style.

Lowe -- who clearly isn't camera shy, as he'll reportedly be competing on Dancing with the Stars' upcoming sixteenth season as well -- expressed a similar notion during a December conference call with reporters prior to The Bachelor's seventeenth-season premiere.

"You know, it's something that I would definitely think about. It's such a weird experience to, you know, start developing feelings and developing a relationship with cameras in your face, but the cool thing is, is that your whole relationship is documented. So if it comes to that, I don't think I would be opposed to it. It would just be another way to document our relationship," Lowe said at the time.

According to a relative of Lowe's fiancee, the girl who wins the Bachelor's heart reportedly "can't wait until the show ends so she can finally start planning the wedding. She doesn't want to wait."

Lowe proposed to either Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter in Thailand on November 17 in the show's finale broadcast set to air on March 11 on ABC. The relative told the magazine Lowe's bride-to-be has been flipping through wedding magazines and searching for her ideal gown.

While Lowe's relationship is reportedly still going strong, the pair -- who hope to get married this summer -- have been holding off on getting intimate due to Lowe's born-again virginity and religious values.

"They're getting married quickly for love, not for the sex. [Sean]'s head over heels for her, and he wants to share that with the world," a source told Life & Style.

Added an insider, "These two want to make it official pretty soon."