The Bachelor star Sean Lowe says his decision to wait until marriage to have sex again is a stance he arrived at all on his own. 

"It's a personal choice for me," Lowe told People in a cover story interview in the magazine's latest issue.

Lowe, a conservative Christian and "born again" virgin, reportedly told People he has abstained from sex since college and plans to continue the trend until he officially weds new fiancee Catherine Giudici.

The 29-year-old Dallas-based entrepreneur explained the fact he has been titled a "virgin Bachelor" in the media doesn't really bother him.

"I don't pay attention to the labels. This attention is just for a short season of my life, so I'm not going to get too stressed out about it," he said.

Once Lowe and Giudici allegedly tie the knot this summer, they reportedly intend to travel together for awhile before starting a family.

"We want to move around a little while we're newly married and enjoy that first," Lowe told the magazine.

"Having kids is something that we have to take really seriously. We have to be ready," Giudici explained, adding that she wants "at least two."

"Maybe three," jumped in Lowe. "And we've talked about adopting. I'm enjoying just being an uncle right now. I can wait on becoming a dad."

While watching their journey unfold on The Bachelor's recently-concluded seventeenth season, Lowe's relationships with other women -- including all the kissing -- apparently didn't rub Giudici the wrong way.

"Surprisingly, it hasn't registered for me in that way. It's weird how normal it's all been. I never saw it as a competition. I saw it as: Whomever he saw as his match, it was going to work. I wasn't going to push it on him," Giudici explained.

Added Lowe, "She's handled it so well. She knows that everything I went through led me to her, so she keeps it all in perspective."
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Although their connection was a slow-burning one, the pair reportedly realized they were falling in love with every passing silly moment they shared.

"We would speak French to each other. We don't actually speak French, but we'd speak in French accents," Giudici told People.

"We'd say words like 'baguette' and 'bicyclette,'" Lowe said.

"And 'boulangerie!'" noted the 26-year-old graphic designer from Seattle, WA.

"And we always talked about going to Snugglesville together," Lowe added.

"We just wanted to snuggle!" insisted Giudici.

"On my only flight with the girls, I scratched out the destination city on my ticket and wrote 'Snugglesville.' As Catherine was walking by, I dropped it in her bag," Lowe began.

"I was like, 'Why are you throwing trash in my bag?'" Giudici joked.

"I didn't realize that was my ticket for a connecting flight, so she had to give it back!" Lowe told the magazine.

The biggest difference the couple reportedly has is their diet. Lowe loves his meat while Giudici apparently wants nothing to do with it.

"I'm vegan for my own reasons. He gets to be a man and eat whatever he wants. I don't care," Giudici explained.

Added Lowe, "I'm from Texas, so we love meat and barbeque. She's really good about it. When we order out, she finds something that works for her. She never ever complains."