The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis cut bachelorette Chelsie Webster and saw Sharleen Joynt quit during Monday night's seventh episode of the ABC reality dating series' eighteenth season.

Sharleen, a 29-year-old opera singer from Heidelberg, Germany, quit the competition shortly after her one-on-one date because her feelings hadn't developed for Juan Pablo to the point she'd be comfortable introducing him to her family and stealing one of the remaining women's spots.

"I am definitely surprised about how sad I am. Tonight was awful; It hurts. I care for her, but I still feel like I made the right choice for me. I just still wish that I didn't always have to make choices. I just know that he doesn't have what I'm looking for in terms of 'the forever' part," Sharleen said after she left Juan Pablo.

Chelsie, a 24-year-old science educator from Columbus, OH, was eliminated traditionally by The Bachelor star during the season's seventh Rose Ceremony.

"He told me that I was a great girl and I'm going to find a great guy, and I've heard that before. It gets -- it sucks hearing it, I mean, ever. But I just want my partner in crime," Chelsie said following her ouster.

"I just want that person and I want to share all this great, great stuff that I have with him. But I just have to find the guy that gets that and wants to share that with me. It was really sweet to see [Juan Pablo] so sad about me leaving though. The fact he feels that bad about letting me go, I guess, makes me feel better about his decision."

The Bachelor's seventh eighteenth-season episode began with Juan Pablo and his remaining six bachelorettes traveling to Miami, FL, where the Bachelor currently resides.

Juan Pablo first visited his family and four-year-old daughter Camila, whom he said he missed terribly because it had been three weeks since he'd seen her last. Juan Pablo had a little chat with his cousin Rodolfo, admitting he really liked Sharleen because she was "classy, sexy and amazing."

"She could be the one," the Bachelor told his cousin.

Meanwhile, Sharleen wanted to "flush out" her feelings for Juan Pablo, because at that point, she wasn't ready to introduce him to her family. A man meeting her family was a very big deal to her. She then learned via the date card she'd be receiving the first one-on-one date of the week.

Sharleen told the cameras she was missing a "cerebral connection" that she really needed despite their strong chemistry and how well they got along. She felt they had things in common but needed to find a more mental connection with one another. Chelsie thought Juan Pablo's choice for the date "really signified" how much Juan Pablo liked Sharleen, but Sharleen's romance with the Bachelor was a mystery to most of the girls in the house.

For their date, Sharleen and Juan Pablo spent their day on a yacht. She was feeling "conflicted," like there were moments when they didn't "get each other completely" and others when she believed they were great together.
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When Sharleen and Juan Pablo were kissing on the yacht, she called him "trouble." While he was "not her typical type," she was still very attracted to him. She said the issues in her head disappeared every time they kissed and she couldn't focus on the conversation at hand. Sharleen thought they had "magnetic chemistry" and she found him "ridiculously sexy."

The couple then stopped at a private, deserted beach. Sharleen explained she put her career before mostly everything in her life but she could deal with changing that because "change is good." Juan Pablo felt things were perfect with Sharleen and he knew from Day 1 he liked her. She said it had been a long time since she clicked with a guy like that and she didn't want the moment to end. Sharleen was just soaking it all in, being appreciative.

That night, Sharleen admitted to cameras there was "a flicker in her heart" and it was actually "disturbing" how she couldn't stop kissing him when she got close to him. It made her wonder, however, if their physical dynamic was all that was there. But Juan Pablo was very happy being with Sharleen.

"I feel great. I really want to go to see her parents," Juan Pablo said in a confessional.

Sharleen told Juan Pablo it was hard to wrap her mind around things working out between them. She wasn't brutally honest, but she also wasn't trying to lie. Juan Pablo liked her honesty and openness. Sharleen noted it felt right to lie with Juan Pablo but "a little voice" in her head was saying, "It's not right." She was clearly torn between following her head and her heart.

Meanwhile, Nikki Ferrell, a 26-year-old pediatric nurse from Kansas City, MO, learned she'd be accompanying Juan Pablo on the next one-on-one date. She was worried the date might involve dancing again and Chelsie said she couldn't believe how "negative" Nikki was.

Back on Sharleen's date, she was feeling torn and still had questions about bringing Juan Pablo home. She wished she had more time with him to solidify things, but she noted she wasn't sure about their relationship and it'd be unfair to take that spot from a girl who was sure about him. Sharleen thought he could be the one for her at times, and then other times, she was just downright confused.

The next day, Nikki went on her date with Juan Pablo. Nikki was falling in love with him but wasn't ready to tell him yet.

Juan Pablo surprised her by taking her to Camila's dance recital. Nikki was "flattered and excited." She didn't expect it at all and she said it showed how much Juan Pablo cared about her. Juan Pablo and Nikki picked out flowers to give Camila and Nikki also ended up meeting the Bachelor's parents and Camila's mother -- and Juan Pablo's ex-girlfriend -- Carla Rodriguez. Nikki was "so nervous" about meeting everyone.

To see a glimpse into Juan Pablo's life made Nikki fall for him even more. She saw how great of a dad he was and she said it was awesome to watch them interact. She loved meeting Camila, a little girl who could potentially be a part of the rest of her life. Juan Pablo thought Camila "did very well with Nikki" and he felt good about his relationship with Nikki.

At the hotel, the girls were given the next date card, which revealed Chelsie; Renee Oteri, a 32-year-old real estate agent from Sarasota, FL; Clare Crawley, a 32-year-old hairstylist from Sacramento, CA; and Andi Dorfman, a 26-year-old federal prosecutor from Atlanta, GA, would be going on the week's group date. There would be one rose up for grabs on the date, so the person to receive that rose would be guaranteed a hometown visit and the opportunity to have Juan Pablo meet her family.

Meanwhile, Nikki and Juan Pablo headed into the Marlins' stadium for the night portion of their date. They played catch and just hung out where he spent a lot of time working. She saw what it would be like to share his life and was "speechless." Nikki told Juan Pablo she had the best time meeting his family and Camila was "adorable and special."

Nikki then asked Juan Pablo if Carla was okay with the process, a little confused by their dynamic of being friends. Juan Pablo said she was fine with everything, they wanted the best for one another, and it was natural for them to date other people and meet up for Camila's events. The Bachelor was glad Nikki felt comfortable and was thinking about how she'd fit in because she was being realistic.

The pair then kissed on a picnic blanket in the middle of the stadium. Juan Pablo made Nikki happy and she felt things were easy. Nikki said she was really hopeful Juan Pablo would come home with her the following week.

"I am in love with Juan Pablo. I knew I was falling and today really solidified my feelings for him. I want the rest of my life. I want a 'forever,' and I want it with Juan Pablo," Nikki told the cameras

The next day, Sharleen felt "sick" and realized she had a tough decision to make. She told the other girls she wanted to leave because she was taking things very seriously and was too conflicted to potentially take one of their places in the competition. Sharleen was very sad because she knew there was quality in Juan Pablo and quality in their bond. She then confronted Juan Pablo in his hotel suite to drop the bomb.

"I am aware of the fact I could be making a huge mistake," Sharleen said in a confessional.

Sharleen told Juan Pablo she didn't know if she could get to the place she needed to be at in three weeks and a proposal just didn't seem possible to her. She felt some of the girls were ready and at the same place in life as he was.

Juan Pablo expressed understanding but Sharleen started to cry. Juan Pablo comforted her and said it was okay because he knew how hard the journey was to make. He hugged her and explained she didn't have to be sorry because it wasn't an easy decision to make.

"I don't want you to say sorry because you can't be sorry for something that you feel," Juan Pablo told her.

Sharleen feared she had wasted his time yet Juan Pablo assured her that she hadn't. Juan Pablo said she was different in a good way and joked around that the only thing that pissed him off was how she didn't sing for him more. Sharleen wished him luck and he walked her out the door.

"My time with Sharleen, these seven weeks, were unbelievable. She was going to have a hometown. Sharleen, for saying goodbye, has my total respect. You are an amazing girl. You have to have guts, to be honest in this situation. Sometimes, honesty is not appreciated, and I like it," Juan Pablo said in tears.

The next day, Juan Pablo embarked on his group date with four women. They flew to a private beach and he had hopes for some quality one-on-one time with each girl. He wanted to just relax and have a good time. Juan Pablo then revealed to Clare, Andi, Renee, and Chelsie that the girl to get the rose would continue on to the second, night, portion of the date and everyone else would go back to the hotel.

Chelsie was anxious and excited to talk to Juan Pablo. During their alone time, she joked about advice her parents had given her -- such as to keep her clothes on and have a two-drink maximum. Juan Pablo loved her happy, cheerful vibe.

Afterward, Juan Pablo talked with Andi. She cried in his arms, saying she felt vulnerable and was worried to involve her family -- her "heart," her "everything" -- when there were so many uncertainties and a risk of failure. She feared things may not work out between herself and Juan Pablo all the while getting her loved ones invested in the process as well. However, Juan Pablo calmed her down and she became fairly confident as a result.

Juan Pablo then told Clare he wished he could have met her father because she had said so many wonderful things about him. Clare is one of six girls and she said her family is her whole world.

Clare then shared with Juan Pablo how her father had made her a video before he died to give to the man she'd marry. No one has ever seen the DVD before and only the "man of her dreams" would view the tape. Juan Pablo was touched by the story, and Clare knew the girl to get the rose on that date was a real frontrunner.

Juan Pablo then offered the group date's rose to Andi because he was sure he wanted to meet her family. Clare didn't think it made sense because he was giving roses to people who were doubting themselves rather than the women he was truly building strong connections with. Clare started wondering, "What the f-ck am I doing here?" But Andi was thrilled.

That night, Andi and Juan Pablo went to a Romeo Santos concert and listened to Latin music. They danced on the stage and Juan Pablo knew he laughed more with Andi than most of the girls because she was smart, fun and amazing. Andi laughed about how she wasn't a great dancer but he was "sweet about it."

Back at the hotel, tension was rising between Clare and Nikki.

"I want to hang out with Nikki like I want to get stung by a jellyfish," Clare told the cameras after getting kicked out of the group date.

Clare didn't attempt to talk to Nikki, saying she wasn't going to be fake. Clare then announced how it was disappointing that Andi needed some reassurance from Juan Pablo. Nikki noted "that's so stupid" before walking out of the room. Clare suggested Nikki got away with "just being a b-tch" and was getting away with being "mean."

Clare then followed Nikki upstairs, asking what her problem was. Nikki explained she walked out on the conversation because she didn't want to be a part of a discussion about her friend Andi. The two girls kept cutting each other off mid-sentence, and Nikki got so frustrated she told Clare to "excuse" herself from the room because she didn't like her and she was never going to.

Clare kept insisting she just wanted to make sure she didn't say something that would offend someone, but Nikki just kept reiterating how she didn't want to be involved in the conversation. Clare was confused and paranoid while Nikki was just disinterested. 

"You're a piece of work, Nikki," Clare snapped before walking out of the bedroom.

"And you're f-cking crazy," Nikki replied, adding that Clare was "like a dog," because she tried claiming territory that may not be hers to claim.

The following night, the cocktail party began and the girls were all nervous. Juan Pablo had been doing a lot of thinking that week.

Chelsie seemed to be on Clare's side of the camp, stating how Nikki never wanted to willingly participate in any conversations besides whispering to Andi and it felt "very high school" to her. When Chelsie asked Nikki a personal question, she'd just reply, "I'm not like a sentimental person."

"I would be really happy to see Clare go home tonight, and I think if Juan Pablo goes to Clare's hometown, he has a giant crazy family to meet. I mean, she didn't get crazy all on her own. It had to come from somewhere," Nikki said in a confessional.

Nikki had a personal conversation with Andi, saying she felt her interactions with Juan Pablo were entirely different from other bachelorettes in the house. Nikki expressed her confidence and was ready to be separated from the other women. She just wanted to take her "boyfriend" home to meet her family.

Meanwhile, Chelsie wasn't excited Nikki was still there, and Clare said she hoped Juan Pablo wouldn't get the wool pulled over his eyes by Nikki. Chelsie thought it was impossible for Nikki to hide her "attitude" from the Bachelor, so she didn't think Juan Pablo could be oblivious to that side of her personality. Nikki wanted to be away from Clare "preferably forever," while Clare noted Nikki wasn't mature or positive enough to become a wife and stepmom.

"There are quality women here who aren't brats," Clare told the cameras.

Renee, who stayed out of all the drama for the most part, even mentioned how Nikki just sat there at the cocktail reception without talking or moving "like a mannequin."

The Rose Ceremony then commenced, and the four girls to earn roses would receive a hometown date. Andi already had a rose in her hands.

Juan Pablo told the women it was "horrible" being in his position and he was hoping he was making all the right decisions to eventually pick the girl whom he could spend the rest of his life with.

Juan Pablo then handed out roses to Nikki, Clare and Renee. Juan Pablo cried as he walked Chelsie out, and Clare was shown saying it was  "such a mistake," a "huge mistake," seemingly referring to Juan Pablo's choice to keep Nikki around.

"It's nice to date a good guy for once, you know? If there's a better match out there for you, I want you to have that match. And I want my best match too. You're so wonderful. Good luck," Chelsie told Juan Pablo on her way out.

"I cannot be happy right now... I would've loved to go see her family. I would have loved to do that. But at this point, I cannot do it. So it's sad to me to say goodbye to somebody that I care about. It's hard," Juan Pablo said in tears after Chelsie left.