Jake Pavelka continued to shock his remaining bachelorettes during last night's The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love broadcast on ABC.

After initially surprising two bachelorettes by eliminating both of them during a two-on-one date, The Bachelor star decided to remove one of his roses and unexpectedly cut an extra woman at the next Rose Ceremony -- all while keeping Vienna Girardi, an unpopular 23-year-old marketing representative from Sanford, FL that the bachelorettes had widely been expecting would be sent packing.

Ella Nolan, a 30-year-old hair stylist from Lafollette, TN, and Kathryn, a 25-year-old corporate flight attendant from Lexington, KY, were cut during the two-on-one date while Ashleigh Hunt, a 25-year-old account manager from North Potomac, MD, and Jessie Sulidis, a 25-year-old cosmetic sales manager from Oakville, Ontario, were subsequently eliminated at the Rose Ceremony.

"I didn't want to go home tonight.  I'm upset but on the other hand I know I didn't put myself out there are first so I can take fault for what I didn't do," Jessie lamented after her ouster.  "And I really needed to step up my game and I didn't and that's why I'm going home.  I'm just disappointed in myself."

"I do feel like I am the most compatible," Ashleigh said.  "I'm the most mature.  I was the real one in the house.  Looks like it came in beat me real hard because I'm the one who is going home."

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love's fourth episode began with host Chris Harrison telling the nine remaining bachelorettes there would be a one-on-one date, a two-on-one date, and a group date over the course of the next week -- and one of the women selected for the two-on-one date would not return from the date. 

In addition, Chris also revealed that The Bachelor would be borrowing a page from VH1's Rock of Love Bus and the entire week would take place during a California coastal road trip that would require the women to live on a pair of RV's.

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"All of you will be leaving this house forever.  This week you'll be taking a road trip up the California coast and these [two RV's] will be your new homes," Chris explained.  "Jake will meet you at your first stop and this road trip starts in one hour."

The women then boarded the RV's and traveled to a vineyard, where they reunited with Jake and learned Gia Allemand, a 26-year-old swimsuit model from New York, NY, would get to go on the one-on-one day with Jake that evening.

"I don't really know how I feel about Gia just yet, we haven't really had a lot of time together," Jake explained before the date.

After picking her up on his motorcycle, Jake took Gia to a secluded part of the vineyard, where they spent the late afternoon enjoying a wine and cheese picnic and playing -- literally -- hide-and-seek and spin-the-bottle.   Once the sun set they continued the date Jake's tent and campsite area, where they enjoyed hot dogs and s'mores that he cooked over a campfire.

Meanwhile, back at their own campsite area, the eight other remaining bachelorettes received a group date card and learned that Ashleigh; Jessie; Vienna; Tenley Molzahn, a 25-year-old college admissions representative from Newberg, OR; Ali Fedotowsky, a 25-year-old advertising account manager from Williamstown, MA; and Corrie Adamson, a 23-year-old wardrobe consultant from Kissimmee, FL, would be going on the following day's group date -- leaving Ella and Kathryn to go on the dreaded two-on-one date.
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"Wow, I am shocked," Ella said.

"I didn't think it would be either one of us," Kathryn added.

"Kathryn and Ella are really bummed out about their two-on-one date," Ashleigh explained.  "You can sense the tension in the air because only one of them is going to be coming home."

However the mood was vastly different over at Jake's campsite, where he capped off his with Gia by presenting her with a rose.

"I have absolutely had an absolute blast, it's been so refreshing," Jake told Gia as he gave her the rose, which she readily accepted.

"Gia really surprised me," he explained afterwards.  "The fact that she's a complex city girl but yet able to enjoy such a simple date.  It's just little things I'm noticing about her that are, you know, going to cause me to fall in love with this girl."

The following day, the women re-boarded their RV's and traveled to Pismo Beach.  During the trip, several of the women continued to vent about Vienna, who they felt shouldn't still be in the competition.

"What would you do if Vienna gets the rose today?" Tenley asked.

"Throw up," Ali replied as several of the other women agreed

After meeting the women at Pismo Beach, Jake revealed his group date with Jessie, Ashley, Tenley, Ali, Vienna, and Corrie would take place right on the beach and begin with dune bugging.

However before the driving began, Ali and Vienna disagreed over who would get to ride with Jake.

"I already called shotgun," Ali told Vienna.

"I was like 'You know what, have your fun with him because I'm going to marry him -- so have your 30 minute son a dune buggy,'" Vienna said afterward.

Later, the group dumped the dune buggies and spent some time sand surfing and rolling down the dunes, after which they enjoyed a picnic.  Tenley and Corrie both impressed Jake during the activities.

"I don't think there's any situation that you could put Tenley in that she couldn't find the positive in and have such a great time," Jake said. "[And] Corrie is really starting to open up and it's really exciting."

Afterward, Corrie explained that she had decided to make a deliberate effort to be more aggressive.

"I kind of hit a point where I was like I need to either hang out with this guy or I need to go home because I haven't just really come straight out there with him and been aggressive," she said.

After dark, the group traveled to the Madonna Inn, where the six women were able to cleanup and spend the evening getting some one-on-one time with Jake.

However Vienna once again upset some of the women when she turned down Jake's one-on-one time request and asked that she be allowed to talk to him last.  Although surprised, Jake agreed to the request.

"What the f--k is wrong with that girl?" Ali vented afterwards.  Seriously, he comes over and asks her to do one-on-one and she's like 'I'd like the last one-on-one.'  She's going home. I'm sorry, she's going home."

"I want to be the last girl that Jake talks to tonight because I want to be the last girl that he kisses and at the end, if he ended the time with me just as much as I did I'll get the rose," Vienna explained later.

Having heard the women's complaints about her previously, Jake used some of his one-on-one time with Vienna to attempt to advise her how to improve the situation.

"I've got to tell you, I think you bring it on yourself," he told her.  "You're a little bit different with me, like now, than you are with all of the other  girls around.  And sometimes it's better to not say anything."

"I know, I'll be careful about what I say, I promise," Vienna replied.  "Anything else we can talk about that's not about the girls?"

Meanwhile, Ali and the other women remained confident Vienna's The Bachelor time was coming to an end soon.

"Vienna's going home.  I mean does anyone not feel that way anymore?" she asked the group date's other women during Vienna's one-on-one time.

Jake ended the group date by giving its rose to Tenley.

"Jake recognized the fact that I've been patient and it means a lot to me," she said afterwards.  "It feels good to have a rose finally."

"I'm pretty shocked that Tenley got the rose tonight, I think that Tenley can come across as too bubbly," Ashleigh said.  "I would think somebody was psychotic if they were like that 24/7."

The next day, the women traveled up the California coastline to a Big Sur campground, where Ella and Kathryn enjoyed a private log cabin dinner date with Jake while the rest of the women camped out within viewing distance of the cabin.

Both women felt stress over the date and were upset that they would be -- at least as far as they believed at the time -- be facing off for a single rose.

"It's so hard, the fact that I have to do this with Kathryn," Ella said.

Although the dinner started well, it wasn't long before Kathryn felt Jake was focusing his attention on Ella and largely ignoring her.

"I was very frustrated... I just felt like the majority of the night he was paying more attention to her," Kathryn explained afterwards.  "As much as I like him I feel like when I'm around him he doesn't give me that attention.  Ella [already] had an entire [one-on-one] day with him."

Kathryn confronted Jake with her frustration during their subsequent one-one-one time, however she didn't seem to get much of a response.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel that way, I really didn't," he replied.  "What you're feeling is me just trying to be cautious.  I think you're so beautiful.  I'm trying not to get lost in that and it causes me to be just a little more cautious."

"But I don't want that... ask some questions Jake, we don't have a lot of time," Kathryn said.  "I hope you won't discredit the fact that we've only spent a little bit of time together."

"No, I promise I won't do that.  I won't," he said.

Meanwhile, Jake used his one-on-one time with Ella to explain why she had invited her on the date even though she had already gone on a solo date with him the previous week.

"There is a reason why I wanted you to come tonight.  I feel like with you if I'm not absolutely sure I don't want to keep you from [your son] Ethan," Jake told the single mother.  "I don't want to."

"Right.  But if there is a love connection between us that you think that there is something that we can work out and figure out together than I would love to stay," Ella replied.

However after taking some time to think about his decision privately, Jake decided to eliminate both women.

"I just need to make sure that I'm not leading someone on," he explained.  "The last thing I want to do is give a rose to someone that's not right for me."

Ella was the first woman to be eliminated.

"I just feel I'm developing feelings that are just a little bit stronger for some of the women," Jake told her.  "Thank you so much."

"It's okay... be wise in who you choose," she replied.

Kathryn was next.

"There were a lot of things tonight that you said and... and it is so appreciated," Jake told Kathryn.  "You're going to meet a guy that is absolutely going to sweep you off your feet and I want to be that guy but my heart is just telling me that I'm not that guy."

However learning about Jake's decision after she had already witnessed Ella's elimination appeared to add to Kathryn's confusion and frustration.

"Are you sure about that?" she asked.

"Yes," Jake replied.

"I don't understand," Kathryn said.  "I really don't.  I thought we had a really great conversation and I was excited to see where else it was going to go."

"I'm so sorry," Jake whispered.  "I just don't think I'm there."

Afterward, Jake expressed confidence in his decisions.

"I feel so sad right now, but I know in my heart that neither Kathryn or Ella was right for me," he explained.  "This is the first of many decisions that I'm going to make that no one is going to understand.  And it's only going to get worse."

As they left, both women continued to express their surprise that they were eliminated before some of the other remaining women.

"For Jake to let me go this early in the game and keep some of the other women he has here, honestly it doesn't make any sense," Ella said. "I'm hoping Jake doesn't crash and burn on this journey he's on.  If he doesn't make the right decision then God help him because he's going to need it."

"I really thought I had the rose -- I mean, did anyone see that coming at all?" Kathryn said.  "I don't understand, I don't get it.  He's going to end up with the wrong person, I think he made a huge mistake."

The following day, the seven remaining bachelorettes traveled to the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, CA to meet Jake for the show's next Rose ceremony.  On the way, the women -- still reeling from Ella and Kathryn's unexpected double elimination -- began doubting whether Vienna would be sent home at the ceremony, which they now expected to only cut one additional bachelorette.

"Vienna going home, that's one easy guess," Tenley said.

"She could not even be going home, he could just throw us all for a loop," Jessie replied.

"She's got to be going home, and if not he's going to get a real talking to," Ali added.

"I think that it might be Vienna," Corrie said.  "I feel like after this week he's realized that maybe he's not his 'wife.'"

Afterward, Jessie used the ceremony's cocktail party to share her own concerns about Vienna with Jake.

"You know I've been not the type that talks about people in the house ... [but] there is one person in the house that I don't feel is for you and I would never say something unless I was 110%, and I really don't feel that Vienna is the one for you," Jessie told Jake.  "I just wanted to get that out there."

While Jake thanked her for sharing her concern, he appeared to just add it to the pile of advice he had already previously dismissed.

"I like to form my own opinion," he told Vienna when she told him she was worried about the other women's feedback.

Once the Rose ceremony began, Jake presented additional roses to Ali and Corrie -- leaving Ashleigh, Jessie and Vienna anxiously waiting to find out whether they would receive one of the ceremony's two remaining roses.

However Jake suddenly stopped the ceremony.

"Ladies, I need just a minute," he said as he left the room and told an off-camera The Bachelor staffer that he needed to speak with Chris.

After initially telling Chris he needed some "advice," Jake eventually nervously asked Chris if he was obligated to give out two more roses.

"What would you do?" Jake asked Chris. "I mean if you were in this situation and you just knew that -- you know tonight it should only be one girl going home but if it were two, I mean, I'm definitely sure on one girl but I'm pretty sure that the other one... you know."

"What are you asking?" Chris replied.

"Do I have to give out two more roses?" Jake finally asked.

"I've respected the fact all along that you're here to find a wife, and the fact that you've sent two women home already this week speaks volumes about how serious you are," Chris replied.  "Just so we're clear, you know for a fact that there's two women in there that are definitely not going to be your wife?"

"Yeah," Jake answered.

"Two roses in there, we'll take one of them away -- that's what you want," Chris asked.

"Yeah," Jake replied as he nodded nervously.

Both men then returned to the Rose Ceremony, where Chris informed the women of Jake's decision.

"Every rose [Jake] hands out he hands out to a woman he potentially sees becoming his wife.  And because of that he's asked me to take away one of his roses tonight, which means two of you will be going home," Chris announced.

Jake then presented the rose to Vienna, shocking the other women.

"Wow," Ashleigh whispered.

"Why is she here?" Ali said quietly.  "How could he possible keep her here?"

"If that's what he wants I am not what he wants," Ali told Tenley softly.  "How can he look at her and think she could be his wife?  How the f--k could he look at her and think she could be his wife?"

"We have to tell him," Tenley replied as Vienna stood nearby and rolled her eyes.

After they left, Ashleigh and Jessie also expressed shock over Jake's decision to keep Vienna.

"[I'm] disappointed he kept Vienna there.  I can't believe it, why Vienna?," Jessie said.  "He shocked everybody in there. I agree with the other girls that he did keep, but Vienna?  Ohhh, I just can't see it.  I think he'll regret it."

"Vienna over me, really? Are you kidding me?  Are you f--king kidding me?" Ashleigh said.  "That's awesome.  If he can't see what kind of person Vienna over me than I pity him.  There's a reason why she doesn't have any friends in the house."

"The person who is the liar and deceiver is staying," Ashleigh continued.  "Really, I go home before Vienna?  Are you f--king kidding me?  Please, spare me."
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