The Bachelor star Sean Lowe was apparently looking for a reason to send Kacie Boguskie packing, according to show host Chris Harrison.

"I don't think he was that intrigued when she stepped out of the limo, but thought, 'I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.' He wasn't looking for a reason to keep her, he was looking for a reason to let her go and as soon as she jumped in the middle of the drama it was like, 'OK, perfect, there's my excuse.' I can't believe that was her strategy!" Harrison told TV Guide in a recent interview.

When asked if he was shocked by Lowe's decision to eliminate Boguskie before Monday night's Rose Ceremony commenced, he admitted, "Honestly, no."

While it's clear Lowe wants to avoid any and all drama, he's not exactly thrilled with girls who can't loosen up either. Apparently, Harrison sees bachelorette AshLee Frazier's intensity in particular becoming a problem.

"You'll see that become an issue with Sean because he really likes someone who can let go. He loves the fact that AshLee really embraced the date, but with her it's going to be a constant question -- even though she is incredible," Harrison explained.

During her first one-on-one date with Lowe, Frazier told the cameras she's already "falling in love." Considering the short amount of time they've spent together thus far, Harrison still doesn't find the news surprising or hard to believe.

"There are a lot of people falling for him. He's such a good guy and he's so good at making you feel that you're the only person in the room. Every date it seems like that girl is 'the one' and every girl he has time with he ends up having an amazing connection with. It's something I didn't notice as much when I was shooting, but I'm noticing it a lot as I watch back," the host told TV Guide.

Bachelorette Tierra LiCausi has already been stepping on a lot of toes to prove to Lowe she's "the one," and according to Harrison, the tension heightens next week.

"Everything gets worse! He really likes her so it's human nature. The more he likes her, the more attention she gets and the more pissed off the girls get," he said.

In addition, Harrison shared a little behind-the-scenes tidbit for The Bachelor viewers regarding Monday night's beach volleyball match, which featured poor gameplay from the bachelorettes.

"What we didn't show is that we had professional coaches with the two teams and they practiced!"