The Amazing Race teammates Natalie Anderson and Nadiya Anderson survived to compete in the 21st-season's eleventh leg despite a last-place finish during Sunday night's broadcast of the Race's tenth leg.

"We will not take this opportunity for granted. Nadiya and I, even though we came in at the end smiling, we were really depressed," "Twin Sisters" team member Natalie explained after The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan told the team the good news of the non-elimination leg. "All we can go is up now."

"Positive thinking," Nadiya added.

"We have to put our game face on, make sure that we're making smart decisions, and hopefully, there will be no bloody driving because then we'll be so screwed," Natalie said, referencing how Nadiya had trouble driving a stick shift during the leg.

"No, I got it," Nadiya joked.

"Yeah, okay Nadiya, whatever," Natalie said with a smile.

The tenth episode of The Amazing Race's 21st season began where last week's broadcast left off, with the Race's remaining four teams meeting with Phil and leaving the course's ninth Pit Stop at the House of Rembrandt's mistress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Since they had been the team to finish in first place at the Race's ninth Pit Stop, Natalie and Nadiya were the first team to depart the house at 2:55AM.

Following Natalie and Nadiya were "Chippendales Dancers and Best Friends" Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis at 5:57AM, "Dating Couple" Trey Wier and Alexis "Lexi" Beerman at 6:38AM, and "Goat Farmers and Life Partners" Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge at 9:38AM.

Upon opening their departure clues, the teams were instructed to fly south to the seaside city of Barcelona, Spain. Once there, they'd have to make their way to the port where they must take an overnight ferry to the island of Mallorca. Upon arrival at the island, the teams would encounter a traditional Mallorca spectacle of devils and demons playing with fire. After enjoying the short performance, one of the devils would hand the Racers their next clue.

Natalie and Nadiya secured seats on the earliest available flight at 6AM. Jaymes and James and Trey and Lexi subsequently caught flights within two hours of when Natalie and Nadiya's flight had taken off.

Natalie and Nadiya, Jaymes and James and Trey and Lexi all eventually met each other at the port as they arrived one team after the other. They all discovered the next boat to Mallorca wasn't until 11PM that night, so they figured they would enjoy their free time at the beach since they had so much time to kill.
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After their fun day in the sun, the three teams went back to the port only to find Josh and Brent waiting there. The three teams were thrilled to see Josh and Brent because they realized they had gotten rid of a threat in helping to eliminate Abbie Ginsberg and Ryan Danz thanks to their scheming.

Once at the spectacle, Trey and Lexi were the first team to receive their clue at the Palma de Mallorca from a devil. They were then followed by Natalie and Nadiya, Jaymes and James, and Josh and Brent.

The teams' next set of clues instructed them to drive themselves to Centro De Alto Rendimiento, where they would find their next clue.

Natalie and Nadiya were supposed to follow Trey and Lexi and Jaymes and James -- as the three teams were working together in the hopes of becoming the Final 3 -- but Nadiya had trouble driving the stick-shift vehicle. Therefore, the girls fell behind and lost their friends.

Jaymes and James were the first team to arrive at the Centro De Alto Rendimiento and were soon followed by Trey and Lexi, Josh and Brent, and finally Natalie and Nadiya.

It then became time for the teams to complete a Roadblock task. For the Roadblock, one member of each team had to choose a tennis professional and a basket of balls. Then, facing off against a high-powered machine, they had to successfully return 20 balls in-bounds before their basket emptied.

Trey, James, Josh, and Nadiya all opted to take on the Roadblock task for their teams. Trey absolutely breezed through the task, but Josh seemed to struggle the most because he had hurt his ankle in the previous leg and had trouble putting any weight on it.

Trey and Lexi, still maintaining the lead, were the first team to complete the Roadblock task. Following Trey and Lexi were Jaymes and James, Josh and Brent, and Natalie and Nadiya.

Upon receiving their next set of clues, the teams were told they must drive to the Coves De Campanet in the town of Campanet and follow the music, which would lead them to their next clue.

The teams arrived at the Coves De Campanet in the same order they had left the Roadblock task. Trey and Lexi and Jaymes and James decided to "follow the music" together through the cave-like structure.

They then learned it was time for them to complete one of two Detour tasks: "Spin It" or "Bull It."

"Spin It" required the teams to repair one of four 100-year-old windmills. They had to properly attach two giant blades to the mill tower in order to receive their next clue.

"Bull It" required the teams to dress as a bull and then charge their way around the arena. They had two minutes to successfully butt the capes of eight matadors and then gently hit the bullseye to launch the final matador into the air.

All the teams chose to attempt the "Spin It" Detour task except for Trey and Lexi, who tried to take on the "Bull It" one.

During Trey and Lexi's run as the bull, Lexi served as the front of the bull and had her head under a sheet while Trey was able to see where they were going and direct his girlfriend around the course. Once at the bullseye, Trey told Lexi to run into it quickly. The team quickly learned they attacked the bullseye too aggressively, as they knocked down the matador and Lexi cut her finger open.

When Trey and Lexi tried the task again, Lexi refused to be the head of the bull again.

Jaymes and James were the first team to complete the Detour task. They were soon followed by Trey and Lexi, Josh and Brent, and finally Natalie and Nadiya.

The team's next set of clues instructed them to, once again, drive themselves to Castell De Bellver, a castle with "a lovely view" which previously served as a prison and would now serve as the Race's tenth Pit Stop.

Trey and Lexi were the first team to greet Phil at the Pit Stop mat, finishing the tenth leg in first place. Phil told the team that for finishing ahead of all the other teams, they had won a trip for two to Riviera Maya.

Jaymes and James subsequently arrived and secured second place, while Josh and Brent came next and claimed third place.

Natalie and Nadiya then made it to the Pit Stop and unfortunately learned they had come in fourth -- and last -- place.

"Natalie and Nadiya, I'm afraid I have bad news," Phil told the team.

"We know, very bad," Nadiya said.

"What happened today?" Phil asked.

"We couldn't drive -- stick shift. We couldn't get directions straight, couldn't screw nuts and bolts in," Nadiya explained.

"It's pretty depressing," Natalie said.

"It is really depressing," Nadiya added.

"Well let me put you in a good mood, because this is a non-elimination leg and you're still in the Race," Phil told the girls before they burst into cheers. "And you know that during some time of the next leg of the Race you will face a Speed Bump. You will need to complete that Speed Bump and then try to catch up to the other teams."

"Thank you so much," Natalie said.

"This is a blessing," Nadiya noted.