The Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was arrested for assault late Sunday night in Oak Island, NC after she brutally attacked another girl last week.

According to officials, Evans was checked into Brunswick County Jail and was released shortly after on bond, TMZ reported, adding that she is due back in court April 26. She was reportedly arrested and charged with assault and "affray for fighting" after a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Oak Island police reportedly launched an investigation after a video of the fight between the reality TV star and victim Britany Truett outside Truett's home surfaced online on Friday. 

The video showed an Evans friend, Brittany Maggard, pushing Evans toward Truett with the hopes that a fight would develop. Evans then instigated the attack and began throwing punches.

The girls then wrestled each other to the ground and continued to tussle one on top of the other. The Teen Mom 2 star repeatedly hit Truett while she was down and defenseless, while onlookers -- both girls' friends -- surrounded them and watched the entire fight.

Truett and Maggard were both also arrested and charged with misdemeanor affray, according to TMZ.

While Truett originally told TMZ she had no intention to press charges against Evans and wished the entire matter would just "go away," she later had a change of heart and decided to take action against Evans after all over the weekend.

Truett told TMZ the dispute was sparked by an incident in which Evans' ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp -- who police coincidentally also arrested at Evans' house after discovering he had an outstanding warrant for a cocaine charge from last year -- allegedly made a pass at Truett while all three parties were together.

Truett claims Evans got upset about the alleged gesture, which surprised Truett because the girls had been friends for seven years and she had no interest in Kieffer.

Truett told TMZ she received scratches on her face, a bruised eye, and a bite mark on her breast from the fight. In addition, she said she and Evans have only spoken via Facebook messages in which the Teen Mom 2 star did some "smack talking" since the fight.

While the video seemed to clearly show Evans starting the battle, the reality TV star's attorney suggested the fight may have stemmed from an outside influence.

"Based on the information that I have received, I believe Jenelle was set up," Evans' attorney told TMZ.