Taylor Swift turns invisible and dances in the rain in the new music video for Reputation track, "Delicate."

The clip, released Sunday during the iHeartRadio Music Awards where Swift won Female Artist of the Year, begins with the singer being hounded by reporters as she walks the red carpet before being handed a magical note.

After dealing with a crazed bellhop and a security team who follows her every move, Swift realizes she has suddenly become invisible inside of a bathroom.

The pop star takes advantage of her new power and begins to dance in the middle of a hotel lobby barefoot before leaving for a subway station.

Swift then dances in the rain where she performs a split on top of a car. Swift, upon entering a bar, is seen again by others as she holds the magical note in her hand.

The "Delicate" music video is the fourth directed by Joseph Kahn who also helmed the videos for "Look What You Made Me Do," "...Ready for It?" and "End Game."

All three songs appear on Swift's latest album, Reputation.